Editor's Diary: Ellison's Organics 3-Free Nail Lacquer

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Editor's Diary: Ellison's Organics 3-Free Nail Lacquer

My fixation for nail lacquers will probably never fade thanks to the discovery of new and exciting colors as well as designs. I recently stumbled upon Ellison’s Organics and immediately fell in love! Not only are the colors fantastic, but the fact that it doesn’t contain ANY harmful ingredients this beauty brand went up 100 points in my nail book instantly.

However, to be honest, in the past I had always been a little skeptical of beauty products that are more “natural.” I always would begin to wonder will this product work as well, will it last as long as traditional nail polishes? I am happy to report that yes, organic products can and do perform just as well as their predecessors.

I put Ellison’s Organics 3-Free Nail Lacquer to the test and was very happy about the results. I went about my week as normal which usually includes excessive typing, workouts, driving the streets of LA., cooking/washing, editing, gaming, texting like the rent is due and of course outfit changes. None of these tasks caused my nails to chip any faster. Actually, I found by doing my normal application routine of base coat, two coats of color of choice and a top coat allowed my Ellison’s Organics lacquer to last just as long as any other product.

If you are wondering what tint I have on in the photos, it’s a very pretty coral called Showdown at the O.K. Ellison’s Organics has been around since 2012 making homemade organic and natural bath, body and nail products. That’s right they make more than just nail lacquers! You can check out there products at www.ellisonorganics.com and on the gram @ellisonorganics.

That’s all for this diary entry!


Arianne xoxo

Editor's Diary: Ellison's Organics 3-Free Nail LacquerEditor's Diary: Ellison's Organics 3-Free Nail Lacquer