Editor's Diary: Easy Chic

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Editors Diary Easy Chic2

It’s time for a little Q&A with one of the faces behind the mag to get a better idea of her fashion taste. 1966 Magazine Editor Alicia Suggs explains why she loves to keep things as easy as Chris Breezy.

Q: So why did you enjoy wearing this look?

Alicia: Sometimes I have a more reserved style, I like it because to me everything looks really clean.

Q: How do you put together a “clean” outfit?

Alicia: I’ll take classic basics such as a white button down shirt, jeans and add a blazer then BOOM I’m out the door. I’ve found that sometimes the best outfits don’t have to look overworked. Simplicity can be just as chic as complex designs.

Q: Looks great, since your outfit is more streamlined does that mean your makeup is usually more boisterous?

Alicia: To be honest it really depends on the outfit, for example, in this case I put the emphasis on my lip color and left the rest of my face fairly nude.  Makeup to me is always good fun and trust me I can get pretty wild (laughter), but usually I’ll pick a feature and play it up. Whether it’s a serious smoky eye or really bold lipstick.

Editors Diary Easy Chic