Editor's Diary: Coffee Run

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Editors Diary Coffee Run

Dear Diary,

I’m feeling like Usher this morning so I have a confession for everyone…I order Frappuccinos year-round. It could be a full on blizzard outside and I will still slurp down the yummy chilly treat. However, just because I enjoy a nice cold one does not mean I like to freeze to death in the name of fashion.

So then, for my winter coffee runs I enjoy pairing a sleek simple dress under a cute coat with a pair of heels. BOOM…no drama, no questioning and I’m out the door in no time flat. I literally get dressed in 10-15 minutes every morning so simplicity has always been my best fashion buddy. Bottoms up ladies and enjoy your morning cup of goodness warm or frigid.

Much Love,

Arianne XOXO

The Breakdown:

Valentino Floral Collar Dress $3, 073 farfetch.com

White Ruffle Tulle Coat $65 lookbookstore.co

Christain Louboutin Mea Culpa Flared Suede Red Sole Pump $895 neimanmarcus.com

PRADA Small Bag $960 prada.com

Chocolate Shavings wisegeek.com

How Many Calories In That Starbucks Frappuccino? forbes.com

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