Editor's Diary: Cali in Fall

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Editors Diary Cali in Fall

In never rains in southern California…well, for the most part (LOL). I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love California weather. The sun shines 70% of the time and even our fall season is quite mild and can be warm enough to still indulge in some summer fashions.

I always take full advantage of these warm temperatures because you just never know when the day will come and the pants, sweaters and trench coats will have to remain out for use. My look for today captures the true spirit of California girls right down to the Starbucks nod. We’re laid back, love our short-shorts and have never met a caramel frappucino that we didn’t like. Happy Monday and enjoy your week!

The Breakdown:

  • Jeremy Scott Cropped Wool Top $490 brownsfashion.com
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Tri-Tip Detail Leather Trainers, Silver $110 johnlewis.com
  • Alisa Michelle “Never Judge a Book” Necklace $25 nordstromrack.com
  • Marni Eyewear $300 marni.com
  • Season.C Starbucks Ice Coffee Iphone5C Iphone Cases amazon.com
  • Tripp Knightcat Studded Babe Shorts runwaydreamz.com