Editor’s Diary: 1966 Magazine September 2014 Issue

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Dear Readers,

Now that September is here, we have come to the painful conclusion that our days of bumming around in the sun are quickly coming to an end. We’re not the type of people to let grass grow under our feet at 1966 Magazine, so we are moving on to the fall and winter seasons. This month we give you a sneak peek of the fall and winter styles you will want to get your perfectly manicured hands on.

After you have seen the runway, get to know our cover girl, Paloma Ford. Dubbed as the new sultry, goddess of pop, learn about how she got her start in the music industry, who influenced her and what you can expect on her upcoming LP. You will also be treated to several interactive features including an exclusive sit-down interview with the diva herself.

Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean you have to leave your bikini body behind. In this issue we show you the ropes of building the perfect gym bag and teach you about the connection between weight loss and stress. In other words, you don’t get to pretend that fitness doesn’t matter just because it might be a little cold and dreary outside.

Grow a healthier head of hair thanks to the secret we discovered regarding hair masks. This hair secret is so simple you can even do it in the comfort of your own home. Besides keeping your hair in check, scroll over to our beauty section that’s brimming with more tips than a beauty queen could use. We’ll even let you in on a few of our personal editors’ picks!

We know the fall/winter months can get you down sometimes, but we promise to do our best to keep your spirits up with lots of fun and entertaining issues to come. From travel to beauty, from fitness to fashion everything you need to know will be covered in the pages of 1966 Magazine.

Happy reading!


Alicia and Arianne Suggs