Editor's Choice: Kid Cudi Need For Speed Hollywood Premiere

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Kid Cudi Need For Speed Premiere2

This week my Editor’s Choice is going to 30-year-old rapper/singer and now actor, Kid Cudi. This month Kid Cudi is making his acting debut in the action car thriller, Need For Speed which also star’s Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. I’m giving a nod to Kid not only for being a fashion risk taker ( I mean, real men wear floral jackets right?), but because he’s got a great sense of humor and work ethic.

Days ago Kid Cudi was interviewed by Gabourey Sidibe on the Chelsea Lately show on E! channel. Cudi gave an honest view on how he worked a security job while writing songs such as Day N’ Nite that would later become huge hits. From start to finish, Kid’s laid back demeanor, realism and ability to drawn in viewers and achieve harmonious laughter enhanced his star power in my mind 100 fold. I love when celebrities can be talented yet themselves, a lost art in entertainment at times.

If you would like to watch the Kid Cudi interview just keep on scrolling and you shall receive. For those who would like to see more of all of the fun had at the Need For Speed premiere (two words: red mustang) I’ve got you covered. Until next time, this is Arianne signing off.

Side Note: Grrrr I just love a man in slipper shoes! LOL I don’t know when this love started, but I can’t get enough.

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