Editor's Choice: 1966 Magazine February 2014 Cover

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Time seems to be flying! We are already one month into 2014 and we hope that all of you have been enjoying the new year thus far. We are busy at work on future editions of 1966 Magazine, but we wanted to share a few highlights with you regarding the February 2014 issue.

How do you like our cover this month? Our cover-girl is ‘awakening’ to new trends of couture and throughout our Fashion section you will find tips on how to look en vogue now as well as a spring 2014 fashion preview. Under Hair and Beauty you will learn tricks on how to fix beauty blunders as well as the top ten ways to make your tresses the mane attraction.

Want to get fit by this summer? Join our 6 Month Countdown series that includes workouts and nutrition advice to help you shape up fast. We are into month two of our countdown, but it is never too late to get started on the road to a healthier body and mind. We hope that you all enjoy reading this month’s issue and as always stay classy!