Editor Diary: Dom Streater Wins Project Runway All Stars

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Editor Diary: Dom Streater Wins Project Runway All Stars

Dear Diary,

The last few weeks have been beyond hectic but thanks to the power of technology aka the almighty DVR not all has been lost in the way of epic screen viewing. There were two things that I absolutely did not want to miss this year. The latest Captain America film (oh Chris Evans you stud you) and the conclusion to Project Runway All Stars Season 5. I am happy to say that I laid eyes on Cap’s insane biceps and experienced how Dom Streater wins Project Runway All Stars or basically Project Runway…again!

Yes, Dom is not new to the winner’s circle. I was just as excited when she won Project Runway season 12. She was a master at creating pieces anyone would love to wear. Being a fan I was glued to my TV, week after week, wondering if she would come away with victory number two.

So, you can probably understand how hard it was to avoid learning of the winner of All Stars. We live in the age of social media where spoilers occur every 2.6 seconds. Heck, I follow the Project Runway page so I knew I was in trouble. I knew with just one swipe too far I would see a headline, “Dom Streater wins Project Runway All Stars!”

Well, I decided to lay off social media and alerted friends that I had not seen the final episode and my gamble paid off. I got to watch her win although like two weeks late (LOL), but I couldn’t be happier. I love her work, especially with prints and have even been fortunate to be in attendance for one of her fashion shows during fashion week.

She is a real talent and after interviewing her I can say first hand that she is a real class act that deserves everything that she has earned now and in the future. So even though it’s extremely tardy, congratulations on winning Dom!

All for Diary,

Arianne xoxoxo

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