Dyeing Hair at Home

Dyeing Hair at Home
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Trying to give yourself a makeover? If hair dye is anywhere in that equation knowing a few tips may help and even save you a little embarrassment. Hey, no woman on this planet wants her hair to resemble something that would be found in a circus.

Take it from Rihanna’s colorist Ursula Stephens, who knows a thing or two about fine-tuning tresses. I mean have you seen RiRi’s fiery red hair? Let’s give it up to Stephens who has serious skills!

Her tip: Hair dye always comes out darker than the image on the box.

So then, what’s a girl to do? Stephens advises, “Buy one or two shades lighter than your desired color.” She adds, “It is easier to amp up a color’s intensity than it is to tone it down.”

Most brands list a 1-800 number on the box that will connect you to a real life hair color expert. Thank goodness because let’s face it accidents do happen. However, most of these hotlines close at 7 PM EST on weekdays, and are usually closed on weekends. Therefore, I strongly recommend to dye during business hours. That way, help is only a phone call away should such become necessary.