Ask and Tell: Dundas SS19 RTW Dress As Seen On Ciara

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Dundas SS19 RTW

The Item: The Dundas SS19 RTW Mustard Yellow Jacquard Mini Dress As Seen On singer and new Creative Director Ciara! Ciara’s street style look is a celebrity favorite having previously seen on starlets such as Kendall Jenner. CiCi was photographed in the dress this week while on her way to a dinner at Nobu.

You Asked: Your guys page is amazing! I’m so glad I found you, and love all your posts! My question is about Ciara’s look. That yellow dress. I know it says Dundas but can you please make it a little easier to find? That is kind of a broad thing to say when someone wants to find a dress.

Ask and Tell: Dundas SS19 RTW Dress As Seen On Ciara

The Verdict: Hi there and we appreciate your message and all of the love on our Instagram page! We also apologize for not going into more detail about Ciara’s GORGEOUS dress. However, allow us to make it up to you right now!

Mrs. Wilson was photographed wearing a look by designer Peter Dundas. It is from his Spring/Summer 2019 RTW (Ready to Wear) collection. If searching online for this OOTD you could simply type: “Dundas yellow dress.” It pops up, but so does basically ever other awesome yellow dress Peter has designed.

According to Net-A-Porter as well as few other online merchants; the dress goes by the name of the “Dundas Draped Open-Back Satin-Jacquard Mini Dress. Quite the mouthful, but if you type that name in any search engine you should quickly come across Ciara’s mustard yellow gown.

Shall we talk price? We did some major online shopping intel on this dress and saw that many retailers list it at around $1,100. HOWEVER, there seems to be some price drop or sale going on with Dundas mini dresses. So if you would like to get a great deal on a designer dress here’s a great opportunity! Net-A-Porter just slashed the price by 40%! Meaning you only pay $708 instead.

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