Duckie Thot for L'Oreal Paris - NEW Global Brand Ambassador!

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Duckie Thot for L'Oreal Paris

Break out the champagne and caviar! The news and rumors are true… top model Duckie Thot for L’Oreal Paris is indeed a cosmetics reality. L’Oreal Paris announced that Duckie will begin her beauty duties and responsibilities as soon as September 3oth.

Thot will kick off her L’Oreal ambassadorship by walking and strutting her gorgeous ebony self down the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week. L’Oreal will present a fashion as well as beauty runway show right on the Seine river.

Furthermore, the brand has already revealed which campaigns and makeup products Duckie will model for first. Thot will showcase the Infallible Foundation, Volume Million Lashes, Rouge Signature and Colorista. These future ad campaigns will soon roll out in the near future. However, how is Miss Duckie taking all of these new accomplishments and accolades?

Duckie Thot for L’Oreal Paris – NEW Global Brand Ambassador

Duckie Thot for L'Oreal Paris

Victoria’s Secret, Harper’s Bazaar, Jeremy Scott, Fenty Beauty and the list just keeps on growing! Everyone wants a piece of the hottest supermodel since the Naomi/Tyra/Giselle era. Regarding her newest achievement of being signed and named as the newest face of L”Oreal Paris, Duckie states,

“I’m honored to represent L’Oreal Paris, a brand that celebrates infinite ways to be beautiful and makes products for all women. I’m looking forward to helping more girls love the beauty of their dark skin.

In my mind, I’m going back in time and telling the young girl I was: ‘Dream big, work hard and trust in yourself girl; because one day you’re going to say yes to the number-one beauty brand.”

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