Drake Hotline Bling Saves Ugly Sweater Weather

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Drake Hotline Bling Saves Ugly Sweater Weather

Remember that really ugly sweater that grandma and grandpa gifted you while pinching your cheeks? Well, we can’t fix the damage done to your jawline or make sure no one ever sees that family photo of you in said sweater on Facebook. However, Drake is coming to the rescue this season to make sure your sweater is a little bit epic this time around.

Now before you start envisioning Drake at home knitting just know it’s his likeness from his latest music video that is being used. Drake’s dance moves have been the subject of millions of social media posts, news articles and youtube videos making even one particular math teacher an instant celebrity. Now its the couture world’s turn to remix and add their flavor to the Hotline Bling mania.

Drake Hotline Bling Saves Ugly Sweater Weather2

Close Up of the Hotline Bling Sweater

One sweater that caught our attention and that sadly we are actually seriously considering purchasing (LOL), can be found at the online store The Yetee. The Hotline Bling Holiday Sweater showcases Drake’s signature moves from his music video along with snowflakes (Aw tis’ the season), cocktails and of course the blinging cell phone (insert laughing emoji)!

This honestly is one of the most awesome sweaters we have come across in a very long time. Act fast if you want one though, because The Yetee only has the Drake Hotline Bling sweater for pre-order until the November 8th. The sweater that will save ugly sweater season can be all yours for just $25.

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Just in case you live under a rock (its alright sometimes we feel that way too) and you have not experienced the greatness known as Drake’s new Hotline Bling music video. Check it out for yourself down below: