Does Leaving On a Relaxer Longer, Work Better?

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Many of us have been guilty of this one. Piling on more product or leaving it on longer will not always yield you the results that you would like to achieve. So then, that begs the question, will leaving on a relaxer cause it to work more efficiently?

Actually, the answer is quite simple, it won’t and will lead to damage due to what’s known as over-processing.  When over-processed, tresses become brittle, fragile as well as extremely dry. Not exactly the look most of us are trying to achieve when styling our locks at home.

When performing a relaxer treatment at home, you only need to relax strands long enough to break up the curl pattern. If chemicals are left on longer than necessary you will cause more harm and detriment to your coif. Therefore, be sure to follow directions carefully or better yet make an appointment with a professional stylist.