Do I Really Need To Use Heat Protectant?

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Do I Really Need To Use Heat Protectant2

If the above question comes to mind you may really need to ask yourself, how much do I really love my hair? Heat protectant does exactly as its name suggests by protecting strands from heat emitted from heat styling tools such as blow dryers, curlers as well as flat irons. Many ladies feel that skipping the process of applying a heat protectant is okay because of the long held thought that black hair is coarser than other textures; therefore, there is no need use one.

However, is that really wise thinking when it comes to haircare? Just because out of all the textures found throughout the world black hair seems to be the “toughest” this does not mean our hair is super-powered to withstand any damage. Black hair is susceptible and vulnerable to damage if not properly protected.

So then, in order to avoid heat styling damage that occurs when hair is exposed to heat always apply a heat protectant product. Not only do these products give protection, but they also optimize the performance of your heat styling tools! This means faster styling that is safe and will not affect the health of your hair.

Do I Really Need To Use Heat Protectant