DIY Beauty: How to Make Your Own Natural Facial Scrub

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DIY Beauty How to Make Your Own Natural Facial Scrub

Why would women need to know how to make their own natural facial scrub? In recent years some scary little facts have been coming to light leaving us all thinking… ew! For example, many food companies have admitted to adding preservatives to increase the shelf life of their products. Eating genetically altered foods may make the stomach turn but what if the same could be said about products not being ingested and used outwardly?

Well, the verdict is in and dangerous preservatives are being added to beauty products as well. Preservatives known as parabens can be spotted in products if you know what to look for. Next time you are in the market to buy a scrub or cleanser flip that bad boy over and scan the ingredients label. Be on the lookout for these ingredients:

  • Propylparaben
  • Ethylparaben
  • Methylparaben
  • Butylparaben

DIY Beauty How to Make Your Own Natural Facial Scrub2

The scariest part about parabens is that they can cause harm to the hormonal system. Also, with the aid of additional research, scientists may have discovered something even worse. While reviewing breast tumor samples they found parabens leading some to believe that parabens could be a cause of cancer. With the combination of all these facts it is not wonder as to why more and more women are turning to homemade, natural remedies.

There are plenty of beauty products that you can make that are safe and use a lot of products you already have sitting at home. Here is a quick video on how to make your own natural facial scrub:

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