Disney x House of Sillage Mickey Mouse Fragrance -The Happiest Scent on Earth!

Disney x House of Sillage Mickey Mouse Fragrance
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Disney x House of Sillage Mickey Mouse Fragrance


It’s a magical place and we are just living in it! Our good people, Barbie and Ken may have called quits; however, one of the most iconic couples in film history are still going strong and House of Sillage is celebrating their long union! Get ready to spritz on and indulge in the tantalizing magic of the Disney x House of Sillage Mickey Mouse Fragrance! A collaboration and a luxurious must-have for any true Disney fan!

This release is just breathtaking, a delightful formulation and also full of the Disney charm we all know and love! This collaborative effort includes not only a stunning perfume; but a limited edition Bow and Lipstick Case Set. Moreover, both are available for purchase right now! Nonetheless, what makes the fragrance so enchanting? House of Sillage reveals,

House of Sillage celebrates the excellence of haute parfumerie and joaillerie. The Mickey Mouse Parfum is hand crafted by our fine jewelry artisans. Hand placing each diamond cut Swarovski crystal into its limited edition Mickey Mouse silhouette cap. Finished in precious metal gold and French glass for a magical and opulent sensorial experience!”

Disney x House of Sillage Mickey Mouse Fragrance -The Happiest Scent on Earth



Fantastic right? Or would that be Fantasia? Wink, wink. Sorry we are having a hard time resisting puns with this awesome parfum drop! Nevertheless, there are still more wonderous details to learn about this amazing collaboration.

We went straight to the source to find out even more Beauty intel for you guys. Regarding their new luxe scent, House Of Sillage states,

“Introducing the Disney x House Sillage Mickey Mouse Fragrance. The joyful Parfum transports you to the magical world of Disney with their iconic mouse couple. Celebrating the greatest love story ever known between Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. Created by House of Sillage Founder and CEO Nicole Mather.


Disney x House of Sillage Mickey Mouse Fragrance


This whimsical scent for all is symbolic of the famous couple’s ever loving relationship. Incorporating sparkling refreshing notes. Dramatically presented in a playful Mickey silhouette design cap with 18K gold accent and embellished with over 100 diamond cut Swarovski crystals; a hallmark of innovation and elegance.

The Mickey Mouse limited edition fragrance is the perfect scent for all. This fragrance incorporates a joyful tropical blend that includes Bergamot, Coconut Milk, Cocoa, and Vanilla. Playfully sensuous and magical in every way.”

A Few More Details

They literally had us at Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Furthermore, now you can have their essence in your beauty cases and vanities too! Ready to bring this limited edition scent home this season?


Disney x House of Sillage Mickey Mouse Fragrance


All you have to do is head to the online House of Sillage store. The brand sells all of their delightful Haute Parfumerie and Cosmetics via their site, HouseOfSillage.com.

How much will this collaborative fragrance cost you? This Mickey Mouse hand painted, Swarovski Crystal and 18K Gold plated fragrance currently retails for just under $400. It can be yours for $395.

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