Disney Live Action Little Mermaid Casts Halle Bailey as Ariel!

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Disney Live Action Little Mermaid

BREAKING DISNEY MOVIE NEWS: Disney Live Action Little Mermaid Casts Halle Bailey as Ariel! This is not a test. This is a full blown announcement that Halle is about to be King Triton’s daughter!

Disney Live Action Little Mermaid Casts Halle Bailey as Ariel

Say WHAT??! Yes, hold onto your fins everyone! Disney is reporting that after numerous rumors they have officially selected Miss Bailey for the role. For quite a bit Disney fans’ whispering spread that Zendaya might be up for the Disney character princess. With the Marvel Far From Home actress also choosing to rock gorgeous locks of red hair lately; it only added to the rumor mill.

However, today all of that changed. Bailey took to social media platform, Twitter, in order to share the BIG Hollywood news. In a simple tweet the cat was let out of the bag with the words: “Dream Come True.” Along with a pic of the famous Ariel princess looking a tad bit more infused with “melanin.”

Immediately, fans had tons of reactions. Including a sweet message from Zendaya herself stating, “Yeeeessss!! Here for thiiiissss!!” It looks like as of now for the most part everyone is simply excited about this selection. Here are some of their remarks:

“Yes Queen Can’t Wait to Be Part of Your World!”


“You’ll be perfect as Ariel!”

“7 year old and 22 year old me are screaming and crying we going under sea mama.”

“Nothing left to say!!”


“Girl we LUV Y’all o my God I am so happy.”

“We Stan!”

“Congratulations!!! Ariel is my favorite Disney princess and you are going to absolutely crush it.”

“THIS. But with red dreads.”

“So Proud.”

“Please have red hair. Like Rihanna red.”

“We are so excited for this! Congrats!”

“A Queen Doing As she Should.”

“You finna snap.”

“Some of them mad. Saying Ariel is redhead, as if people cannot dye hairs. Congrats.”

Disney Live Action Little Mermaid Casts Halle Bailey as Ariel (Continued)

There is always a negative Nelly out there (LOL). As mentioned, so far it has been mainly kind accolades for Halle Bailey; however, there are some who have already expressed their displeasure.

Should Disney be afraid of this casting move? Well, by the looks of things they are boldly moving  forward regardless. Sources are stating that from the very beginning Disney wanted to make The Little Mermaid Live Action cast as diverse as possible.

This is not necessarily a bad move. In the past known as the 90’s; singer Brandy was cast as Cinderella with the great Whitney Houston being her godmother. Those castings did not prevent that TV adaptation of Cinderella from being uber-popular; or dare we say iconic?

Furthermore, in recent times Disney is raking in TONS of money with their live action Aladdin film. If you recall the Genie was originally Robin Williams, but in the modern era is played by Will Smith. Thus, proving that a race change may not necessarily spell out box office disaster. Regardless, of what some may say.

Final Details

Disney Live Action Little Mermaid

Do you know Halle Bailey? Well, just in case the next couple of sentences will get you up to speed! She is apart of a musical duo group known as Chloe x Halle (Chloe is her big sis BTW); who was discovered by the one and only Queen Bey, Beyonce.

Besides, singing Halle also has already demonstrated her acting chops. She currently is a series regular on hit TV show, Grownish starring Yara Shahidi. Therefore, Bailey already possesses the resume to back up her upcoming big screen role.

She can sing beautifully; she can act. This live action is looking like a true blockbuster! Moreover, as of known details regarding the film are a little sketch. So far Melissa McCarthy, Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina have also been tapped for Little Mermaid roles. Rob Marshall will be directing the script which was written by David Magee. As more details pour in we will update you guys!

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