Different Hair Types - Going Beyond the Curl

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different hair types

Hair Quickie: You asked, so we are bringing this awesome feature back! Hair quickies are designed to help you learn need-to-know, in-depth facts on anything and everything related to haircare. Today we are going beyond the curl, heck this info is important even if you choose to wear your hair straight. Getting to the nitty-gritty of what really differentiates all the different hair types will completely change your hairstyling experience.

Different Hair Types – Going Beyond the Curl

First off, let’s go ahead and get one thing straight. Hair type is not the same as hair texture. When most ladies talk differences in hair, they are usually referring to various hair textures i.e. kinky.

There are three different hair types. Knowing which category your strands fall under opens you up to knowing exactly what products and choices are best for you. Why is this important? In skincare, using a product for normal skin may not work so well if your skin is truly classified as oily or combination. The same thinking applies with haircare. Many products on the market are specially formulated for various hair types. Picking up the wrong one that does not really fit you may not have a great result.

different hair types

So then, ask yourself, is your hair thick, medium or fine? Your hair’s follicle determines this for you and of course genetics. Nevertheless, the follicle is the indentation in the scalp that houses the root of a strand. The shape, size and thickness of your follicles determines your hair’s type as well as shape. However, keep in mind that once again like skincare, some can have a combination of all three different hair types on their head.

Therefore, if you have ever wondered why areas of your head seem to be thinner or thicker than others you may just have combination. In an upcoming quickie we’ll share a simple trick hair experts swear by to determine your exact type.

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different hair types