Desio Color Contact Lenses -Switch Up Your Eye Color!

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Desio Color Contact Lenses


With Desio Eye Contact Lenses you can switch up your eye color like you do your wigs! Best part? Everyone will think they are really yours!

Yes, darlings, a company has finally developed colored contact lenses that REALLY look natural. No more looking like you are just playing around on Halloween. With Desio’s gorgeous designs you are bound to find one that fits your personal style; as well as skin tone perfectly.



What type of lenses do they have in stock. Girl… basically everything (LOL). After we got wind of this company through the beauty grapevine; we went DEEP… and found that their collections (yes, we did say collections) are just beyond above the bar.


Desio Color Contact Lenses


Want gray eyes? They got that. How about a natural looking blue? It’s there. A mesmerizing green? Honey, they have it and you will look fabulous! The point is the Desio lens are stunning and do not look fake one single bit.

Desio Color Contact Lenses -Switch Up Your Eye Color


Desio Color Contact Lenses


Nevertheless, you are probably wondering, “But my eyesight sucks, what about people like me?” NO WORRIES! Another reason why we are in love with this brand of contact lenses is because they offer their lineup with or without correction.

Seriously, even if you have astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia; they have collections for that. TRANSLATION: Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted Desio’s line has your back. Therefore, if you have been wanting to change up in the eye color department; but feared you may not find lenses with correction, you should definitely take a look into Desio’s products.


Desio Color Contact Lenses


Lastly, let’s talk duration. The thing about contact lenses is that they are not made to last forever. They are useful and a nice option to have especially if wearing glasses is not your particular thing. But, the one con is that after-awhile you have to buy new ones. They are known as disposable items.

However, Desio gives their consumers several different options to choose from in order to work with their budget as well as lifestyle. They sell their colorful contact lenses in the form of dailies, monthly and even quarterly (3 months)!


Will quarterly contacts be comfortable? Yes. While the thought of using something that long in an area as sensitive as the eye can be a little daunting. You really do not have anything to fear.

Contacts that designed to be used on an quarterly basis are normally made with exceptionally smooth as well as being resistant against things such as; debris accumulation or the material being prone to wear off.



Furthermore, no matter what duration or timeframe you select; you are still guaranteed the same high quality lenses that will make you look like a superstar! Yet, what are the pros saying about these lenses?

Desio Color Contact Lenses



Well, all good things! One of our FAVORITE professional MUA (makeup artist) Youtubers, Mr. Wayne Goss, tested out Desio’s colored contacts and had this to say in way of review:

“A slightly unflatteringly close up photo. But perfectly showing off just how different and also my good colored contact lenses can be for enhancing the eye. In my eyes I’m using Desio Romantic Blue and Charming Green.


Even close up in 4K the lenses don’t look fake. This is not a sponsored post. I have a video coming up but thought I’d post this to illustrate just how dramatic changing eye color can be! Desio well don on making lenses that look real and don’t make you fell like you’re putting glass in your eye! Thank you!”

Well, there you have it and what are you waiting on! Be sure to check out the Desio brand on Instagram AND head over to their site to see more!



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