Skincare Products: Derma E Vitamin C Collection -Fight Blemishes!

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Derma E Vitamin C Collection

Did you know despite having melanin, there is another way to show age? GASP! It’s true, there is a common skincare problem that can affect anyone, despite what natural barriers they may already possess. You see, enlarged pores can appear on your face from being stretched out by dirt; and these “holes” can make our skin appear “older” than we really are. Therefore, fight for your skin by using quality skincare products that can really help such as, the Derma E Vitamin C Collection!

Now before you get too scared, do note enlarged pores are usually determined by genetics. So then, if you come from a line of smooth skin people you may not have to worry. However, it is still true that they (your pores) CAN get bigger.

Derma E Vitamin C Collection

It often occurs when oil mixes with other substances such as dirt or dead skin. This mixture can clog a pore making it extremely difficult for the oil to flow along freely. Since the space occupied is full it causes the pore to enlarge itself. Imagine a balloon inflating and you will get the picture.

Skincare Products: Derma E Vitamin C Collection -Fight Blemishes and Enlarged Pores

Therefore, prevention is key. You want to make sure that you are keeping your skin as clean and fresh as possible. The best way to do this is by implementing a daily routine of constantly keeping your skin free of clogs. This will be easier if you have a complete set of products that can cleanse, revive and hydrate your skin properly.

Derma E Vitamin C Collection

Enter the Derma E Vitamin C Collection, this line of products works hard to get AND keep your skin healthy. How does it do that? Well, don’t just take our glowing words for it (because we LOVE these products!), the Derma E brand explains,

“Soak in the C with Derma E! Our replenishing Vitamin C collection is formulated with 100% stable, non-oxidizing Vitamin Stay-C 50; and moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid. Helping to brighten you skin, support healthy collagen production; reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a radiant and revitalized appearance.

A unique combination of anti-aging Probiotics and antioxidant-rich Rooibos; work hard to build up skin’s natural defenses. [They also help] boost the production of healthy skin; and fight harmful bacteria that can cause blemishes and premature aging.”

Derma E Vitamin C Collection

Skincare Products: Derma E Vitamin C Collection

Uhm, so what other ingredients are utilized in the collection? And how can these also help our skin? If you are thinking any of those things, do not fret. Derma E is always transparent in making sure their consumers know exactly what is in their products; and how those ingredients actually work. In regards to those questions and the Vitamin C collection Derma E reveals further,

“We use a stable form of Vitamin C that won’t evaporate or alter before absorbing into your skin; to work better for you, naturally. Intensely moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid, plus nonoxidizing Vitamin C, work together to protect skin from environmental stresses; helping to prevent signs of aging. Soothing Aloe and Vitamin E deeply moisturize for a rejuvenated you.

Derma E Vitamin C Collection

[Moreover our] refreshing Vitamin C cleansing water dissolves long-lasting makeup and impurities, while improving the appearance of skin’s texture and promoting healthy collagen. Micellar technology gently lifts off dirt without rinsing; while maintaining skin’s proper balance. Anti-aging Probiotics and antioxidant-rich Rooibos help skin to appear brighter and replenished.”

Can’t you just “C” the difference these products will make in your skin? We have been using the Vitamin C collection religiously and can report smoother, healthier, glowing skin. In a follow-up article our Editor will share her favorite product out of the entire line. Nevertheless, you can not go wrong with any of the collection’s products.  Get yours or learn more at Products range in price from $4-$24.50.

Derma E Vitamin C Collection

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