Cutting Hair with Regular Scissors -STOP! Here's EXACTLY What Happens!

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Cutting Hair with Regular Scissors

Put those down and step away from the mirror. That’s exactly the thought many had from watching their fave actress, Yara Shahidi, cut her bangs during quarantine. While the end result, don’t get us wrong, was absolutely fabulous (Lol, like FR it was); many did see why it could be a bad idea. Is Cutting Hair with Regular Scissors really that big of a deal? Yes.

But why? Scissors are scissors right? Well, no, not exactly. Yes, on the outside looking in scissors used at home to cut like paper or something; may look no different than the scissors professional hairstylists use. The illusion is in the functionality of the scissors itself.

Scissors all look like they do basically same thing. Essentially they all perform the same function… to cut. However, what people forget are the different levels of sharpness that different scissors possess.



To illustrate, remember those old infomercials grandma used to watch showing new kitchen knives? And remember how excited she got when she saw that not only could one cut a grilled cheese in half; but a combat boot? The fact is you really don’t need a knife that can help you survive out in the Amazon in the kitchen; because each situation calls for a different level of “sharpness.”

Cutting Hair with Regular Scissors -STOP! Here’s EXACTLY What Happens!



Nevertheless, the same is true of scissors. They come in different levels of sharpness in order to handle different cutting challenges. And the kind for using on Hair is WAY different from your regular pair at home.

Now for the nitty gritty. Here’s the real tea on this. Simply put, professional hair scissors and shears are sharper. Why? Basically, so they can effectively cut strands without damaging them.

You see, those regular ol’ scissors in your kitchen drawer can do harm. LOTS OF HARM. If your scissors fail to be sharp enough it will literally smash and tear the hair fibers as you use them. Yikes.


Cutting Hair with Regular Scissors


This tearing of the hair fibers can cause a double whammy. Not only will you do major damage the cuticle BUT you can also create split ends; which we all know brings hair growth to a total STOP. What’s worse is that this damage can show up even 14 days after your little cutting session. Therefore, was your new makeover worth it?

It can be… especially if you use the right tool; to not only achieve the look you are after, but do it safely. So then, instead of fraying and pulling your strands, always use scissors or hair shears designed to cut hair.