ToTo Modern Dog Houses - Custom Dog House for the High End Puppy

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custom dog house

We’re telling you, while ToTo was down in Kansas he often dreamed of this custom dog house! Forget everything you know about dog housing because the game has truly changed. Long gone is a wooden four by four with a basic roof and sign that reads, “Fluffy Lives Here.” Living spaces for man’s best friend is leveling up like the real estate market. Hold on to your doggy milk bones and collars as we reveal to you the world of ToTo Modern Dog Houses!

ToTo Modern Dog Houses – Treat Your Puppy to a Custom Dog House!

custom dog house

“Fashion will last forever. It will exist always. It will exist in its own way in each era,” so said the late designer, Azzedine Alaia. These sentiments are as true as they are in fashion as they are in the realm of home design.

Times change, yet great, innovative design shall always exist. For instance, home living styles have evolved every single decade. Some have gone from Ranch style to Mediterranean, closed off to open concept. sometimes your dog might run out of these luxury houses, you must have these wireless invisible dog fences on your ground near dog house.

However, while human homes have experienced drastic changes one thing has sort of stayed the same. Pet homes for our puppies still oftentimes look like they did when our grandparents housed our parental’s pets. How uneventful.

ToTo Modern Dog Houses- The Custom Dog House

Nevertheless, it is a fresh breath of design air to see a company step onto the scene and bring pet homes up-to-date with current trends. Insert the amazing designs of ToTo Modern Dog Houses. These aren’t your average run of the mill puppy living spaces. They look as trendy or chic as any modern home you would see on your own block.

One cool custom dog house design is known as the “BarkVader.” You have probably already guessed what it is named after. However, if you would still like a little hint, go Google Luke Skywalker’s daddy. You are very welcome.

custom dog house

Consequently, the BarkVader takes its designer cues from the classic Star Wars character, Darth Vader. Vader who scared the wits out of an entire galaxy was also known by his very distinctive black attire. Therefore, this dog home comes complete with sophisticated architecture in a sleek black tone. Dare we say that your doggy will absolutely love living on the “dark side?” Sorry, we could not help ourselves.

ToTo Modern Dog Houses- The Custom Dog House (Cont.)

What are some other glorious ToTo Modern Dog Houses designs? Well, if black and sleek isn’t your little furry family member’s bag, he or she will be happy to know there are other “lighter” options. Other designs come with snazzy names such as the: Miami, Red Rover, Malibu and (a personal name favorite) the Diamond in the Ruff. Dog-tastic!

custom dog house

The Red Rover looks just as you probably imagine it. A bright fire engine red for a pup that likes to keep it flashy. Furthermore, the Malibu as well as Miami designs are quite similar other than a slight structural difference and color selection. The Malibu is constructed with a more slanted roof than the Miami, but both are fabulous.

Furthermore, another aspect of these doggy-licious homes that we love is how they are crafted. Attention to detail is the standard and well-made is the name of the game. These homes aren’t just products of a mass assembly line. Each one is made with care and meticulousness. A real plus for any pet parent worried about the safety of their puppy.

custom dog house

ToTo painstakingly makes every home by hand. Something not always found in the pet homes market. So then, you can be confident that you and your dog will be receiving a quality product.

Custom Dog House  – Treat Your Doggy

They had us at “barkitecture.” As you can see, there are exquisite modern homes on the market for your modern dog. Plus, don’t they deserve the best?

Of course they do! If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful babies for your baby, or see it more up close you can do so in-store at the renown Saks Fifth Avenue. ToTo Modern Dog Houses will have a special pop-up store at the Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia. Not a Georgia resident or can’t make the pop up event? No worries. ToTo Modern Dog Houses will soon have things up and running online at

custom dog house

We could not contain ourselves so we hit ToTo up online because we think these luxurious, tiny living spaces are beyond adorable. However, we have to report the site is 80 percent to completion. Yet, the great thing is the Contact page is already in place!

Therefore, if you currently have questions or really want to purchase you can fill out their questionnaire and get the ball rolling. The short fill-in just asks for you to provide the basics. Your name, email, phone number and location. You may also attach a message to your inquiry if you would like them to respond to something more specific.

custom dog house

Custom Dog House – Treat Your Doggy (Cont.)

So we have discussed the style of ToTo Modern Dog Houses, how they are made as well as how you can purchase one. However, are we leaving anything out? Oh yes, how these awesome homes will affect an owner’s wallet.

As everyone in the world knows luxury comes at a price. So then, if you have made it this far you are most likely very interested in knowing the cost of these well designed homes. A quick online search reveals all.

custom dog house

Through our research we have found every last ToTo Modern Dog Houses design is set at the same price point. So regardless of what look you love you will pay the same price as any of their homes. Each posh home comes with the price tag of $3200. Now that is certainly what you call the “lap of luxury!”

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custom dog house