Curls Ultimate Styling Collection -Style Your Hair YOUR Way!

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Curls Ultimate Styling Collection


4 products, 4 stylers… all meant to give you the hold and manageability your hairstyle craves! The Curls Ultimate Styling Collection consists of four products with various levels of hold and capabilities.


Curls Ultimate Styling Collection


Whether you want to add definition to your natural hair or sculpt your tresses into an updo; this lineup will easily help you achieve it! Each product is best difficiented by its color and name. Here’s a cheat sheet:

Yellow: B Smooth Curl Butter

Pink: B Enviable Creamy Curl Gel

Green: B n Control Extra Strength Curl Gel

Blue: B Defined Curl Defining Gel

Curls Ultimate Styling Collection -Style Your Hair YOUR Way



Besides being an extremely helpful and effective component in your hairstyling; this Ultimate Styling Collection is also very nourishing to your hair! We went to the source in order to find out more. In regards to their stylers Curls reveals,

“Fly, fabulous and fiscally responsible! Certified to save your coins! The Ultimate Styling Collection has got you covered. This collection nourishes your hair while styling. You’ll ever need another styler… EVER!



Formulated with pure ingredients for the best results. Beantree, Quinoa, Marshmallow Root, and Aloe Vera Juice for your protective styling and wash and gos.”

Ready to turn your heads WITH your head? Get your hands on the awesome Ultimate Styling Collection available at Target! The price? Ah man… you guys are going to love this! Each 8 oz bottle is currently retailing for just $5.99. Affordable and great? Sign us up!



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