Curls Green tea Hair Rinse -Strengthen Hair and Prevent Split Ends!

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Curls Green tea Hair Rinse

Is growing healthier hair apart of your year goals? Well, if it is, then it is time to think out side of the hair box. Getting the hair of your dreams is more than just shampoo and conditioner. To achieve what you want you also need to take preventive measures; which is why Curls Green Tea Hair Rinse is an absolute must!

Curls Green tea Hair Rinse -Strengthen and Prevent Split Ends

Why should you start doing a hair rinse? Well, using one can help you tackle several common hair issues that may prevent growth all at once. Therefore, adding this additional step to your haircare routine can prove to be very beneficial. Many rinses can help with hair fall, dandruff and calm frizz; just to name a few things.

Furthermore, Curls Green Tea Rinse is a great option to give your hair an extra dose of nourishment. Regarding their rinse Curls states,

“Y’all ready to go green? The Green Tea Hair Rinse is just one of the 5 new products. It’s full of antioxidants and a unique strand of amino acids that strengthen hair and prevents split ends. It works to balance the PH of the hair and scalp and close cuticle. [Thus] creating more manageable hair that is full of sheen of luster. You’re going to love it!”

Curls Green tea Hair Rinse -Strengthen and Prevent Split Ends (Continued)

Curls Green tea Hair Rinse

Sounds like the perfect product to get beautiful hair; however, how should you use this rinse? Curls was kind enough to provide a set of directions. The hair brand reveals,

“Say goodbye to your ACV rinse and hello to Curls Green Tea Hair Rinse! Check out all the uses:

-Use directly on the scalp with a light scrub to relieve itchiness and combat dandruff or build up on the scalp before cleansing.

-Use after cleansing to restore the pH of the hair and scalp to create shine on dull hair.

-Use directly after deep conditioning to smooth the cuticle down and lock in moisture.

This product is not a leave in and must be rinsed out to achieve the best results! Use this Green Tea Hair Rinse for so many benefits in so many ways. Available at Target stores or”

Curls Green tea Hair Rinse

Ready to get your hands on this awesome product for stronger, shinier, more manageable strands? Great! This rinse is available for purchase now and is currently retailing for $12.

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