Curlformers Kits-Tutorial for Salon Quality Curls at Home!

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Regardless of your hair texture you can get glossy, smooth curls without EVER stepping foot in a salon! How? Well, hair brand company Curlformers has developed an advanced “roller” system that can create barrel curls with absolutely no heat! Their Curlformers Kits are easy to use and can even be utilized to style wigs and extensions.

So then, put down those harmful curling irons! Save your tresses from unnecessary damage; because these curl-forming kits allow you to create stylish clockwise curls; as well as anti-clockwise curls. Furthermore, you can play with different sizes and Curlformer styles in order to design any curl look of your dreams. There’s extensive kits for all over curls, or small, tiny kits when you may want to “roll” a few curls here or there to top off your hairstyle. Either way you can not go wrong with these damage-free kits.

Curlformers Kits-Tutorial for Salon Quality Curls at Home


In regards to what their curling kits can help you to achieve, Curlformers states,

“Everything you need to easily create glossy, smooth, defined, healthy curls every time. Perfect for all ages and all hair types, wigs and weaves. Best of all, Curlformers will never cause heat damage — we guarantee it. Take Curlformers anywhere to create salon quality curls on-the-go.”


There’s different types of Curlformers kits that you can purchase. For instance there is the Deluxe Pro Spiral Curls Super Long Styling kit that retails for $74.95; that is recommended for hair up to 29″ or 75 cm.


Also, there is the Pro Corkscrew Curls Extra Long Styling Kit that can costs $69.95. This one is recommend if you are aiming to create gorgeous corkscrew style curls on hair up to 22″ or 55cm.


Or you may like the Pro-Glam Up Kit. This kit which costs $35.95 is perfect for creating party-ready barrel curls for every occasion that will certainly last all night.

Each kit comes with:

  • Set of Curlformers (ranging on 16-40, depending on kit)
  • A luxury, satin vanity bag (to store the Curlformers)
  • Styling Hook(s)
  • Application Instructions

Hair blogger Arielle had posted her results from using a Curlformers kit. Her results are from mixing two kits together. Larger formers on top, with more smaller, narrow ones on the bottom. Nevertheless, beautiful curls were created. See for yourself below!


Curlformers Kits-Tutorial for Salon Quality Curls at Home (Continued)

In order to design your curls the process is pretty simple. On natural, straight, curly or blow dried strands; you take the provided styling hook and latch on a former, section by section. Once your entire head or desired area is covered let the Curlformer do it’s thing.


If your hair was not completely dry you can let your curls take shape by allowing your hair to completely dry overnight. Or you can use a blow dryer or hooded dryer to speed up the process. Even using styling tools you do not need to worry about frizzy curls! Your curls will come out professional and smooth!

Want to see it all happen in action? Here are several tutorials to show you the way!

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