Creed Actress Tessa Thompson For Vanity Fair

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Creed Actress Tessa Thompson For Vanity Fair2

Tessa Thompson‘s acting career has simply been on fire as of late! The gorgeous actress caught the attention of all of Hollywood last year after she starred in the hit independent film Dear White People as well as the Academy Award winning Selma. It seems as though Tessa is quite the natural on the big screen, where did such comfortableness on screen come from? Thompson revealed to Vanity Fair,

“It was my backyard; we would walk on Hollywood Boulevard to do errands or whatever,” the 32-year-old actress recalls. “When I found myself on television it felt like happenstance because of my sheer proximity to it. Since childhood, acting was always something I was doing; it was the only thing I cared about being good at.”

Creed Actress Tessa Thompson For Vanity Fair

Thompson has definitely put her confidence, talent and drive for success to good use. Tessa is now set to play in HBO’s Westworld which is based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 culty science-fiction Western. On the show Thompson will be working with an all-star production team that includes Star Wars’ J.J. Abrams at the helm. Currently, Tessa can be seen in the Rocky spin-off Creed as the love interest of Michael B. Jordan. How does Tessa Thompson feel about all her success and work in Tinseltown? She says,

“People can say acting isn’t rocket science and it’s not curing cancer, but I think film and art really do shape us in ways that we can’t even connect to sometimes or even understand.”

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