Wave Those Toothbrushes! Christina Milian's Cornrows Style and Baby Hairs

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Cornrows Style

Thank you Brandon Almengo! Brandon is the man aka photographer behind one of Christina’s latest photo shoots. For this particular visual the singer sports a cornrows style and some seriously LAID baby hairs. We are totally hair crushing on this look and Christina is making us want to rock them from A.M. to P.M.! (Old school Milian song reference kiddos).

Christina Milian’s Cornrows Style and Baby Hairs

For several seasons now, the cornrows style as well as baby hairs have become more en vogue. Not to say that these hairstyles have not been “around” or trendy, especially within black culture. It is just that now everyone and their mama as well as all of mainstream pop culture is getting down them too. Literally, you can’t scroll the Gram timeline or Explore page without seeing it. Therefore, if you are looking for a style that keeps giving, you have found it.

Cornrows Style

Nonetheless, if you want to learn how to execute a look properly it’s best to look toward the source right? Therefore, who was the mastermind behind this glamorous hairstyle for Christina? Naima Lewis (@bellacheveux on instagram) is the stylist that completed the cornrows style on Ms. Milian! Lewis’ artistry just goes to prove that natural hairstyles can bring the drama and je ne sais quoi as much as any other hair look.

Furthermore, we also love this hairstyle because it’s a chic protective style. If you are trying to grow out your hair or maintain length this hair look will help shield your strands from harm. Also, there is so much freedom and room to create one-of-a-kind versions. As a result, you could steal Christina Milian’s cornrows style or you can design one with your own personal flair. It’s all up to you!

Cornrows Style

Don’t know how to cornrow hair? Girl… that used to be us! However, practice makes perfect and if you get to learning the skill now this hairstyle could be yours very soon! Here is one of our favorite video tutorials. It’s short and to the point. Plus, it really zooms in there so that you can get the technique down pact.

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Cornrows Style

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