Contouring For Your Bust

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Contouring For Your Bust

Thanks to the help of socialites, Youtube and makeup artists contouring has literally changed the face (pun intended) of makeup. Now women everywhere can have perfectly sculpted cheekbones illuminating light gracefully. Nevertheless, some ladies may not realize that this contouring technique isn’t new at all but has been used for years by men who enjoyed dressing in drag. If you don’t believe a quick search in the google and youtube archives shall be enough to seal the point.

However, what more can we learn from drag queens when it comes to makeup? Quite a lot actually, because these drag ladies are quite skilled with cosmetics in order to transform themselves to give off a more feminine look which is where contouring comes into play. Some are so good you would never even know it wasn’t your best girlfriend standing next to you.

Contouring as taken a lot of heat because some MUAs feel that women do not need to use such a technique because they already possess a soft, feminine look. However, the lure of perfection and a beat face makes natural seem like so old-fashioned. Makeup should always just be fun and a way to enhance your best features. If contouring helps you to achieve that then go for it!

That is a enough of cosmetics history class, the good news is that drag queens don’t just contour their face but use it to enhance another area as well… the bust. Alright, fellow flat-chested ladies and those in need of a lift contouring your bust will make them look bigger and shapelier! Think about it, perfect looking breasts and a beat face! Best of all, it all can be achieved without the aid of surgery.

Bust Contouring Tutorial