Concierge: Restaurant Reservations

Concierge Restaurant Reservations
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You’re young, beautiful and very busy. What’s a girl to do when she needs a little help, call on a concierge service, of course. Over the next few days, we will talk about all the different ways they can make your fast-paced life a bit easier. First up…


Concierge manager can open doors to the world’s most in-demand restaurants for you. From hidden gems in cities throughout the world to last-minute tables at the newest eateries in town and coveted Michelin star eateries.

Sure, every online reservations say getting in will take months, but not for you. A top-notch Concierge have the contacts to make the impossible possible.

Also, not be outdone is American Express. It is true membership has its advantages. Check out the story below.

American Express Concierge

One of the best experiences I’ve had with American Express Concierge service was early in 2011 when spending a few days in Kansas City for my wife’s birthday. On a whim, we decided to visit the Country Club Plaza and noticed a restaurant called Fugo de Chao.

It is a place where they bring skewers of meat around through the dining area and cut off pieces at your table. My wife had been to one of their restaurants as a teenager in Brazil and had very fond memories. Unfortunately we were told that there was a 2 to 3 hour wait for “walk-ins”.

The staff suggested that we get our name on the list and check back in two hours to get a pager. We weren’t planning on staying that longer at the plaza, so we left our name and left disappointed.

We walked to a nearby store and I decided to give the American Express Concierge a try. They advertise that they can help get you in to popular restaurants. I got a friendly concierge, explained that we were on a two to three hour wait for Fugo de Chao at the Plaza in Kansas City and wondered if she could do anything to get us in any sooner. She asked when we would like to eat and I told her “as soon as seats are available.” She put me on hold for 5 minutes and came back on the line.

“I’ve just spoken to the manager and they have a table ready for you right now.”

I thanked her and we hurried back to Fugo de Chao. I went to the hostess who had just told me there would be a two to three hour wait, gave her my name again and started to explain, but said, “Oh we have a table for you” and whisked us away to our seats.

So, the moral of the story divas is that you live a busy life, make it easier with the help of a concierge.

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