ColourPop x Make It Black Collection -Beauty Drip for the Culture!

ColourPop x Make It Black Collection
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ColourPop x Make It Black Collection

Like Issa Rae we are rooting for EVERYBODY BLACK… and that includes in entertainment, beauty and fashion! It’s been a SLOW crawl over the decades for more inclusivity to be seen in products released by beauty brands. However, thanks to the immense efforts of IMAN Cosmetics, Fashion Fair; AJ Crimson and Fenty Beauty paving the way; cosmetics brands are waking up to the fact that black girls and women play a major role in stimulating the market in terms of buying power AND trend influence. Nevertheless, progress is still a tortoise race as brand after brand has to be called out for their lack of change; but some are stepping up to the plate this month. One drop to look forward to in the month of February is the ColourPop x Make It Black Collection; a “For the Culture” lineup featuring a NEW 5 pan palette, gel liners, shock shadows and lippie stix!

Have you seen the collection yet? Well, before reading on check out our Beauty Trailer below!


ColourPop x Make It Black Collection -Beauty Drip for the Culture!


ColourPop x Make It Black Collection


Once you go black… well, isn’t it nice to see ColourPop stepping up to the plate? In collaboration with Make It Black and Pull Up For Change; the makeup brand is releasing four new products that are fabulously “black.” Meaning they utilize tones and hues that will be flattering on melanin and darker skin. Also, more importantly; it will support and do some major good for the black community! How?

What will this collection help accomplish?

ColourPop is proud to partner with Pull Up For Change with a collection to celebrate the beauty of Black. This LIMITED EDITION ColourPop X Make It Black collection features a mix of cult-favorites and new shades; and is available in limited quantities for the month of Feb on and at ULTA online.

100% of net profits from this collection will go towards supporting Black founders through the Pull Up For Change Small Business Impact Fund. [Check out our Instagram Page] for more info on the campaign. Thank you Sharon Chuter for creating a movement that is bigger than us; and the beauty industry itself.

What We Know So Far About This Collection


ColourPop x Make It Black Collection


The lineup isn’t large, but the color payoff is! This collection boasts a stunning 5 pan BOLD TONE eye palette that includes glitters and mattes. The palette names are:

  • Oasis– Glittering Yellow
  • Bold -Coppery Golden Glitter Shade
  • Ooo -Sunset Burnt Orange
  • High Key -Sizzling Hot Pink
  • Say Yes– Warm Coffee Wine Brown

ColourPop themselves have not done any swatching; but no worries. One Beauty Influencer by the name of Fatima Caser did! Check it out below.


We also located a few swatches for the Shock Shadows and Lippies! At first glance, we kinda hated these products (Lol). But, man… actually seeing them on is a game changer!

The shock shadows will come in two shades:

  • Main Attraction -Sparkling Deep Gold
  • Millenium -Luscious Rosy Hue


As for the Lippie Stix, there will be four, and they look beautiful on. The names are: I Heart This (red fuchsia), Galore (deep red violet), Pitch (chocolate brown); and Like Magic (mid tone nude). Makeup Influencer, Safai Kelly got to try them out and she looks fabulous! See her pics below.



How Did This Make It Black Collection Come About?


ColourPop x Make It Black Collection


This collection didn’t just come about by accident. ColourPop is among several other makeup brands that were called out back in 2020 for basically never having collections that are tailored for darker skin tones. As fans of ColourPop, (we literally rushed to get The Child Palette and Face Milks among other things lol); we were always a little disappointed that ColourPop continued to act like black consumers shouldn’t be included in their color themes and collections.

However, while this collection is a good start… it should not have taken backlash to get this point. Nevertheless, at least there is SOME movement on their end. While we are not especially blown away by this collection, we are happy to see that ColourPop is willing to start evolving. Where this will lead, who knows; but hopefully this won’t be a Black History Month only trend or collection.


ColourPop x Make It Black Collection


Nonetheless, what did kind of annoy us; (if we’re keeping it real), is the fact that this collection is limited edition. Like come on! Why not make it permanent? Once again, we will wait and see, but as Octavia Spencer says in Hidden Figures; ‘any movement up is movement for us all.’

Furthermore, a lot of credit to this happening needs to go to the amazing people over at the Pull Up For Change as well as Make It Black organizations. Regarding this collection and also other collaborations the MIB (sorry we had to Lol); reveals,

“We partnered with leading brands to transform their most iconic products Black. 100% of the proceeds will support Black founders through the Newly established Pull Up For Change Impact Fund! Less than 1% of available capital goes to black businesses. We are raising $5M to support Black Businesses. We need to build more black businesses and advance the economic wellbeing of our community. Shop the collection exclusively ULTA.”

How Did This Make It Black Collection Come About? (Continued)

Sharon Chuter, founder of Make It Black, had a few more words to add. She states,

“HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! It’s been a labor of love for 4 MONTHS! I am so pleased today to unveil our new initiative Make It Black! Join me to celebrate the beauty of Black. Stand with us to redefine Black once and for all. Words Matter!

Don’t let anyone make excuses and downplay the role of language! Racism runs deep into every fabric of society, it is Systemic and present in every major function and we MUST take a stand. We are advocating to change all the related words, synonyms and negative definitions of Black – Evil, Vile, Wrong, Ugly – Not my Black.. Black is beautiful!”

Yes, for years black women have continuously been told they are not the “standard” of beauty. Whether in model castings, lack of inclusivity in ad campaigns; at work or school or also non-verbally with horrible, limited makeup and beauty selections. However, the tide is turning and black beauty is being celebrated. By word, deeds and brand awareness as well as changes. We love to see it.

ColourPop x Make It Black Collection- When and Where to Get Your Swag


ColourPop x Make It Black Collection


A lot of information, we know, BUT we still have a few more things and details that we need to cover. The specifics… such as when this collection will be available; and where you will be able to purchase it. Also, how much you will need to pay. Ready? Let’s go!

All products in this collection is … drumroll please… available now (Woo!); but since they are limited edition you might need and want to act fast. Get yours by heading online to or Prices are as follows:

  • Make It Fearless Eyeshadow Palette- $10
  • Creme Gel Liner -$7
  • Super Shock Shadow -$12
  • Lippie Stix -$7

Nonetheless, ULTA promises that this drop is only the beginning this month. The Beauty retailer confirms,

“Introducing: Make It BLACK! We teamed up with Sharon Chuter,  Pull Up For Change and 7 other beauty brands to shift perceptions about what it means to be Black. 100% of the net proceeds supports Black founders through PULL UP FOR CHANGE Impact Fund. Shop the initial launch now, more products will be released throughout the month!”

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