ColourPop Mascara -7 New Shades to Choose From!

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ColourPop Mascara

In our strongest Soulja Boy voice… SEVEN?!! Yes, just when you thought they were done. Just when you figured they had the fat lady singing. Oh no dolls, ColourPop was like… hold our beer (excuse us, we mean champagne because we bougie lol). Yes, ColourPop is dropping another bomb about their ColourPop Mascara; it’s not only coming in black.

ColourPop Mascara -7 New Shades to Choose From

GASP! With true dramatic flair, ColourPop let the news of their new mascara drop ruminate with the beauty masses for a few hours. Then they hit us with the big tamale… ColourPop Mascara will be available in seven sick shades! What are they are?

You can expect to pick up BFF in:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue

ColourPop Mascara

ColourPop gingerly, yet excitedly took to social media to announce the news by stating,

“BOOM! When one BFF turns into a friend group. Why have only one BFF when you can have 7? Want the best news? This babe isn’t just hot, she is 100% cruelty free, made in sunny California and priced to play at just $18! Drops on Thursday, January 24, at 10:00 am.”

Alright, all it’s time to do now is set our alarms and wait. But, be warned. This release is getting rave reviews which normally means a product is going to sell fast. Therefore, be sure to get yours as soon as it hits the CP website!

NOTE: For those of you who always look forward to our Youtube Beauty Preview, this is an update… our video is now up and live! Enjoy and don’t forget to tell us how you are feeling about this new mascara by ColourPop Cosmetics!

ColourPop Mascara

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