ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection-Get Doe Eyes and More!

ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection
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ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection


ColourPop always BRINGS IT when it comes to their collaborations and it looks like they are only going to reign supreme in 2021! What’s up next? Get ready for the en- “DEER”-ing ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection; serving Doe eyes and Flower power!

This collection is seriously loaded with goodies. Everything to make your eyes, lips and cheeks dazzle and POP. Believe it or not but there are 11 new products that will be up for grabs! ColourPop Cosmetics has revealed there will be:

  • 3 NEW 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Pixie Pouf Highlighter
  • 3 NEW Lux Lip Glosses
  • ‘OH DEER’ Faux Lashes
  • 3 NEW Eyeliners

Colourpop is certainly over the moon when it comes to this new collection; so much that they could barely contain the news. Early in the morning they started rolling out details beginning with this short statement via social media. They brand reveals,

“Our newest collection is one to fawn over! Introducing the Disney Bambi Collection; inspired by purty flowers, the young prince and his forest friends!”

As one can see, this collection is going to be great for spring makeup. Especially, with the inclusion of floral tones such as pinks, purples and golden yellows!

SWATCH ALERT! Before we continue on we just have to show you guys this! Here is a swatch by Beauty Influencer, Soli ( find her on Instagram @maquillageitup ). Look how pretty the Thumper palette looks on! Isn’t it just stunning?

ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection


Honestly, if you are a Disney fanatic who loves nostalgia this is a collection you can’t miss. It will definitely take you back to the days of eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes while watching all the forest run to see Bambi be born. Gawd… those were the days! (Lol).

ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection-Get Doe Eyes and More!


ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection


Bambi and his friends were always just the cutest; who wouldn’t want to look just as adorable?! This collection is oozing of Disney fun and the Walt magic is also represented beautifully in each product.

For instance, let’s take a closer look at the three new eyeshadow palettes! There’s one dedicated to Bambi, Thumper and Flower! And the names of the shade colors are all spot on and perfection! We have broke them down all below.

Bambi Eyeshadow Palette 

  • Little April Shower – Nude Beige Matte
  • Faline – Shimmering Gold
  • Young Prince – Warm Tan
  • Kinda Bashful – Warm Brown
  • White Tail – Glittering Brown

Flower Eyeshadow Palette

  • So Shy -White Shimmer
  • Pretty Flower -Rich Pink
  • Oh Gosh! -Sparkling Purple
  • Little Stinker -Matte Purple
  • Hibernating -Glittery Black

Thumper Eyeshadow Palette

  • Miss Bunny – Light Pink Shimmer
  • Friend Owl – Mauve Brown Nude
  • I’m Thumpin’ – Dazzling Gold
  • Long Ears – Brownish Mauve
  • Great Big Feel -Rich Glittery Dark Brown


Every palette comes complete with a large vanity mirror. So you can check your eyeshadow handiwork. Plus, the real sale here is also the packaging which is just BEYOND cute. The light spring colored, floral packaging mixed with the Disney characters essence is just the perfect combination of fun and Disney magic vibes!

BEAUTY TRAILER TIME!! Seems like a good time to break in with our YT trailer for this drop! Enjoy!

Disney Bambi Collection- What Else Is Up For Grabs?



Those palettes are cute huh? But wait… hold our Cosmo there’s more! Of course, we all always get excited over new palettes; however, ColourPop has loaded this collection with even more makeup goodies!

There will also be 3 NEW eyeliners and 3 new Lux Lip Glosses. Once again the names are just cuteness overload. The eyeliner’s color names are:

  • Purty
  • Raindrops
  • Meadow


ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection


Just reading those probably took your mind to different parts of the classic film. Moreover, the nostalgia continues right on into the Lux Lip Glosses. Just like with the eyeshadow palettes all three Disney Characters (Bambi and also his friends); all have lip glosses named after them. So you can soon slather those “purty” lips of yours with: Bambi, Thumper and Flower Lux Lip Gloss!


ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection


Furthermore, this makeup collection drop is also taking it back to the old school. It comes complete with the Pixie Pouf Highlighter. Like an old Hollywood movie star, you can take a fluffy, pouffy puff; tap it in highlighter and delicately pat yourself to a more radiant you. WE STAN!



HOLD UP BEAUTIES… This is HONESTLY the Best Part of This Collection!

Beyond the nostalgia, and the cute packaging this is a collaboration with Disney that swings and DOES NOT MISS! Seriously, sometimes these types of collabs seem to just fall short of expectations and miss opportunities. However, this collection doesn’t and gets it absolutely right. Why do we say this?

Due to one product in this lineup in particular… THE EYELASHES BABY! Yes, when we think of Bambi in all his glory we think of those BOMB lashes he was rocking. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to possess that length, or also that type of volume??


ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection


It’s what we all want (Lol)! We get lash extensions, shell out money for mascara and send up prayers and smoke signals for our eyes to look half as mesmerizing. So when we see that a pair of Deer Eyelashes are apart of the collection; honestly, all we can do is applaud and salute the genius behind this move.

Its makeup perfection and what we die hards live for! Thank you ColourPop and Disney for thinking this ALL THE WAY THROUGH. The ‘Oh DEER’ Faux Lashes are a great touch and addition to this collection.

We for one will be stocking up on these beautiful fluttering eyelashes. Each box of Bambi lashes contains just one pair of falsies to transform you into a Doe eyed Queen. So if you plan on getting some too, just something to keep in mind.

But What Are the People Are Saying



So this collection sounds like it’s going to be a winner; nevertheless, the best way to find out if a drop is going to be HOT is to see what REAL people are saying about it. So we scoured all the social channels and waves to see how consumers and also Colourpop fans are reacting to the Disney Bambi Collection. Here’s what some are saying!


“So cute I love these colors I can’t wait!!!!”

“I’ll have to make another ULTA run next month!”

“How much is it? I need this like seriously.”

“The Thumper and Flower palettes I’m crying I need them both. And the glosses!! Ugh so pretty.”

“Such pretty colors.”

“I’m in love with this collection!”


“This WILL be mine!”

“My heart!!!! I can’t wait any longer!”

“Omg love so much I’m definitely getting this palette!”

“Oh my gosh! So cute!”

“Okay these are gorgeous! I wasn’t initially excited for the colors in the pan but these swatches are perfect soft glam!”

“I need this collection.”

“Wow so pretty! Want everything.”

“I want the flower one so bad.”

“Omg my name is Flower, I need that eyeshadow palette. People used to always ask me if I’m named after Flower from Bambi. I’m in love, I need all of it lol.”

“I can’t keep up with you ColourPop!”

“Low key pissed I just ordered the animal crossing palettes when Bambi has held my heart forever!”

“Oh my goodness! So cute! Bambi was one of my favorites when I was little.”

“So cute for spring.”

“The PACKAGING!!!!!”

“First animal crossing and now BAMBI??? TAKE MY MONEY!”

Colourpop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection-Final Details to Know


ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection


Whew, we know we threw a LOT of information your way (as per usual Lol); however, there are still a few more details we need to discuss before we let you go. Like when you can expect this release, as well as where can you buy it. So let’s get into it!

Colourpop has revealed that there are actually two dates that makeup lovers will need to keep in mind when it comes to the Bambi release. One is an earlier online release date; while the other is when the collection will be available at a separate retailer. As of right now, ColourPop says that the Bambi Collection will be online on THEIR Website beginning on February 25th. Furthermore, on March 14th it will become available at ULTA.


ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Bambi Collection

Of course, with any drop, there’s a certain time of day to have your wallet and card ready to be able to get your beauty goods. ColourPop Cosmetics has selected for the Disney Bambi Collection to be released PROMPTLY at 10am PST on February 25th. Therefore, as we always suggest… please be ready.

Nevertheless, one thing we always hate about ColourPop is that they just never have a big enough supply to cover the demand (Lol). They sell out every time and super fast. So if you want a piece of Bambi and Friends we suggest you already know in advance what you want; also be on time for the launch and head straight for the checkout as fast as you can. Wish us all the best (HaHa)!

Well, there you got it Babies! As we get more info we will be sure to update this post. Until then, happy shopping and also be sure to go under our BEAUTY Section for even more makeup features like these!

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