Colourpop BFF Mascara -Your Lashes Have a New Buddy!

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Colourpop BFF Mascara

Like O…M…G! ColourPop BFF Mascara is about to drop and it almost feels like some Cinderella type dream. For awhile now us CP fans have been religiously harassing ColourPop on all social platforms to extend themselves into the mascara realm.

Well, now it seems as though they have gotten themselves a big piece in the game. For the brand announced that they have a mascara releasing this month (January 2019); which will be their very first.

Colourpop BFF Mascara

Now, you do not need to fear that ColourPop just rushed to get a product out there in order to do a money grab. The cosmetics brand assures us that it took months. Actually, over an entire year to develop this new jet black formula mascara and get into our grabby beauty hands.

Colourpop BFF Mascara -Your Lashes Have a New Buddy

Colourpop BFF Mascara

Therefore, now our lashes have a new weapon in order to get the perfect lash look. Nevertheless, what is ColourPop saying about their new mascara product? The beauty company shares,

“Meet your new BFF. She is not a regular friend, She is not just your best friend. She is your new BEST FRIEND FOREVER.

BFF’s are not made overnight. We spent 13 months in the lab creating and trying over 5,000 combinations of brushes and formulas to come up with our new BFF mascara. We hope you love her as much as we do.”

Colourpop BFF Mascara -Your Lashes Have a New Buddy (Continued)

Colourpop BFF Mascara

As one can see, it sounds like our lashes are in very great hands. This mascara will not only have an amazing formula to make your eyelashes look divine; but it will come with an awesome brush to help create the fab look you seek!

So then, what about price? Fortunately, with all the new makeup coming out this year, when it comes to ColourPop you do not have to worry about breaking the bank. All of their products are extremely affordable. As of right now, the BFF Mascara will retail for $8 USD. Thanks ColourPop you guys really listen to your base!

Colourpop BFF Mascara

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