Coloring Books For Adults

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We live in a stressful world, so some adults are taking matters into their hands…literally by coloring. They are using coloring as a form of active meditation. There’s been an explosion in adult interest in coloring that has caught vendors of coloring books by pleasant surprise.

Coloring has been used in a therapeutic context for years, and the benefits are well-documented by research. These include reduced stress, less anxiety, better focus, and increased tranquility.

In a sudden, unexpected, and generally curious development, grown-up versions of the doodle-books used by countless kindergartners have not only become a thing — but the thing, as far as millions of rapt Americans are concerned.

At the moment, five of the top 30 titles on Amazon’s best-seller list are coloring books aimed at adults. Barnes & Noble currently carries well over 100 different adult coloring book titles, many of which feature much more intricate and detailed designs than children’s versions. And as the trend seeps into the mainstream, publishers and booksellers have been left scrambling to keep the most popular titles on store shelves.