Coffee for Hair- Say Hello to More Growth and Healthier Looking Hair!

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Coffee for Hair

Make that cup of Joe pay major hair dividends! Think more shine, more growth and even more strength! If any of those are what you are striving towards, have you ever considered adding coffee to your hair care routine? At first, using coffee for hair techniques and treatments can initially seem a little strange. However, the numerous benefits will easily have you rethinking your stance. So then, allow us to briefly introduce you to the exciting world of coffee hair care!

Coffee for Hair- Why Use It?

For one thing, it’s all natural baby! Hair products that incorporate harsh ingredients eventually lead to strands having harsh looks. For instance, just a few of the ingredients to watch out for in popular hair care items include:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate– Has been connected to causing skin rashes, eye damage, depression and even cancer.
Potassium Sorbate– This ingredient has been linked to inducing skin as well as organ system toxicity.
Dimethicone– This form of silicone can cause the skin and scalp to be not only drier, but become irritated.
Triclosan– Is known for irritating the eyes, skin and lungs. In some cases has also been the cause of organ disruption.
Polysorbates, Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Phenoxyethanol– These ingredients have the ability to cause irritation of the skin, eyes or lungs.

See the importance of using natural hair care items? While of course, everyone is different and various ingredients may have an affect on some and not on others. It is always safer to utilize products with ingredients that will do the most good instead of the most harm.

Coffee for Hair- Additional Benefits

Coffee for Hair

Besides, being more delicate on your strands and body, coffee comes with a host of other amazing benefits! Let’s quickly discuss a few of them. You may be shocked!

When it comes to hair the number one searched hair issue is usually how to grow more hair. As a result, coffee is like a superhero to the hair strand. This is because caffeine helps to stimulate the follicle’s ability to produce hair.

Furthermore, this little benefit is extremely important since the quality as well as length of one’s hair greatly depends on the health of the hair follicles. To help in this area, coffee stimulates the roots thus improving not only their structure, but their growth. Due to this coffee can do much to prevent hair loss and restore hair growth.

Another wonderful benefit is that coffee is very rich in phytosterols. What can these do for you? Phytosterols awesomely promote moisture retention and absorption! Moisture is not just important for healthy hair in general, but can help prevent dryness, damage, breakage or lack of hair growth.

Coffee for Hair- Invest in Coffee Oil


Coffee for Hair

Ever heard of Coffee hair oil? Some have, some have not. However, if luxurious looking tresses is your aim, purchasing this natural hair product will help you achieve that very result. Coffee hair oil has been credited with the ability to increase blood circulation to the scalp and stimulation of hair roots. Remember, a healthy scalp equals healthy hair growth. If want something more traditional, but just as good try Obsessed Hair Oil. Celebrities swear by this oil!

Earlier we mentioned how coffee is not among the widely known top 12 harmful hair care product ingredients. Which is also why many healthy hair consumers love just how coffee hair oil is made. It is derived directly from coffee grounds.

Oftentimes coffee grounds are just easily and simply dried and then infused into an oil to be used on the hair. While coffee hair oil can be purchased already bottled and ready for use. Some choose to make the oil at home themselves. This ensures that there’s been no funny business with the inclusion of extra unnecessary ingredients that may be bad for the hair.

Coffee for Hair- How to Make Coffee Hair Oil

Coffee for Hair

Want to know how to make coffee hair oil? We thought you might! We asked several hair professionals to give us a simple DIY (do it yourself) recipe. Here’s what they recommend:

DIY Recipe #1

1. Combine 1 cup of Olive Oil with 3/4 cup of ground coffee and place the mixture into a jar.

2. Put the lid on the jar securely then give the jar a good shake. Make sure that you shake the jar well.

3. Keep the jar in a dry place from 1 week up to a month.

4. Strain the oil from the mixture using a cheesecloth. Enjoy using your oil!

**Quick Notes: What is a cheesecloth? A cheesecloth is a loose-woven, gauze-like cloth made out of cotton that’s used in cooking or making cheese. They can be bought in store or online. For instance, Target as well as Walmart sells these cloths for less than $3.

DIY Recipe #2

1. Pour 8 tablespoons of Coconut or Olive oil into a pan and add in 4 tablespoons of ground coffee beans.

2. Heat the mixture over low heat for half an hour or up to a couple hours. Stir occasionally.

3. Strain out the oil using a coffee filter or cheesecloth. Once again, enjoy!

**BEAUTY BONUS! Time to think outside of the strand! Besides being used as an oil for the hair, did you know you could also use this as a body or face oil? Use it to help tighten skin, prevent wrinkles and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This bit of beauty news can be summed up in one word… Amazing!

Coffee for Hair – Our Final Thoughts

As one can see, coffee is not just great in a cup. It can be used to give new life to strands as well as the skin. Therefore, try out these coffee for hair treatment ideas and experience their extensive benefits. You may just find they are just the right temperature (wink, wink).

Coffee for Hair

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