Coachella 2016: Rihanna Hangs With Leonardo Dicaprio

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Coachella 2016: Rihanna Hangs With Leonardo Dicaprio

This had to be the most talked about celebrity couple sighting this past weekend during Coachella 2016! Immediately, fans began to have a plethora of questions form and come to mind. Who can forget the previous history between these two talented and equally good looking stars? It is common knowledge that Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio dated in the past so seeing the two together immediately had cameras pointing and video apps rolling!

The pair were spotted getting quite cozy with each other at the Neon Carnival. This wasn’t just a quick hi and hello deal either. Our favorite Badgal and Oscars winner literally partied until the sun came up. Their fun lasted all the way till 5 a.m. Still, Rihanna and Leonardo did a great job staying low key. Only one photo seemed to surface of their little escapade.

Nevertheless, all the slight secrecy didn’t stop fans from getting the ‘couple train’ rolling. You know all those celebrity couple name mash-ups that we normals always enjoy coming up with for the famous? Yup, you guessed it… RiCaprio made its glorious return. We hope this on again, off again couple stays on for awhile. One because they are two of our favorite people and two we want to be able to say RiCaprio a few more times.

Coachella 2016: Rihanna Hangs With Leonardo Dicaprio2

However, Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t the only star to be spotted having a good time with RiRi at Coachella 2016. Rihanna and singer Courtney Love shared a moment and managed to take an epic photo. The singer who sings Rockstar taking a pic with a rock star who was married to a rock legend. Yeah, say that three times fast.

Stay tuned for all of our Coachella 2016 wrap ups and obsessions!

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