CLEO TV Lens of Culture- The Hottest NEW Travel Show!

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CLEO TV Lens of Culture

So you love to travel or just love learning about new fascinating places? PERFECT! There is a new television show that will be right up your jet-setter alley! CLEO TV Lens of Culture is the new guilty pleasure of the travel elite.

This sexy, cultural travel guide is packed with adventure; and features TV Personality and Producer Tai Beauchamp and celebrity photographer Elton Anderson. Furthermore, whether it’s a weekend trip to Miami, a traipse through the Caribbean or a West African escapade. Beauchamp and Anderson are offering audiences a first class travel experience through their unique lenses.

CLEO TV Lens of Culture- The Hottest NEW Travel Show

Additionally, the duo are known for their down to earth vibes and great personalities. Moreover, fans will also absolutely fall head over suitcase; for their mutual love for travel, people, food and culture.

Therefore, fasten your seatbelts as Beauchamp and Anderson discover world class destinations and  engage with renowned local travel experts. Watch as they  explore regional cultural entertainment, whilr unearthing local culinary traditions. Where can you expect to travel to along with Anderson and Beauchamp?

Destinations include: St. Thomas, Harlem, Ghana, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and more! So then, get your passport ready because you never know where these two are going next! Tune into CLEO TV for the premiere of LENS OF CULTURE on Saturday, September 21 at 12p.m. ET/11C.

LENS OF CULTURE is produced by Powerhouse Productions; with Rochelle Brown and also Sonia Armstead serving as Executive Producers. For CLEO TV; Karen Peterkin and Regina “Genie” Thomas are the Executive Producers in Charge of Production. Moreover, Donyell Kennedy-McCullough serves as the Senior Director of Talent & Casting. Lastly, Brigitte McCray is the Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Production.

For more information about CLEO TV visit and check out CLEO TV YouTube Channel.

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CLEO TV Lens of Culture