Clean Beauty Brands -An Ultimate List to Get You Started!

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Clean Beauty Brands

Did you know? Forget the dark web; there are beauty brands out there with QUITE the dark side! Such as lead in lipstick as well as TOXIC heavy metals such as mercury in skin creams. No lie. An FDA investigation found that some skin creams contained toxic levels of mercury in them. Showing just how important clean beauty brands are!

It is estimated that on average a woman may use 12 personal care products every day; thus exposing herself to 12 or more chemicals. That’s not even the worst part. Those very chemicals in your products oftentimes are absorbed into your body!

Therefore, if you are using a product with toxic ingredients. Every day your body is taking in those very toxins. So then, you can only imagine what type of problems that can eventually lead to for down the road. BEYOND scary.

As a result, it is time to start thinking about cleaning out all of those “bad” products and replacing them with items that ONLY use ingredients that will not leave you worst off. Since you should not be punished just because you wish to beautify yourself.

Furthermore, for this reason we decided to help you guys out by providing you with a list of awesome clean beauty brands. From makeup to skincare the following lists will help you in your journey of ridding your makeup bags; and beauty routines of harmful products!

Clean Beauty Brands -An Ultimate List to Get You Started

Clean Beauty Brands

Let’s start with makeup shall we? Since let’s face it… it’s WAY more fun to play with! Below is our beauty cheat sheet of clean beauty makeup labels. Enjoy!

  • PYT
    RMS Beauty
    W3ll People
    Alima Pure
    Y. Beaute
    Lily Lolo

Now the above list DOES NOT include every clean makeup brand currently on the market. There are plenty of other clean brands out there doing good; and working hard to provide their customers with products that will not harm the skin or body.

Nevertheless, our list is still a really good start to helping you shop around for the best brand that will work for you. Keep in mind though that the range on some  clean beauty labels is not that large. However, many are continuing to expand and other more tones; to fit more people, as they gain more popularity.

Our BEAUTY Editor, Alicia Suggs, states, “I am actually still shocked by how many darker colors and shades there are available for women of color. Since making the switch to using nothing but clean beauty products; I will admit I was scared of not being able to be matched properly.

But let me tell you, DO NOT BE SCARED. I have also tested and gone through most clean makeup brands and there is a lot of selection available. I personally found my perfect foundation match with a brand called, Vapour. So I highly recommend.”

Clean Brands – An Ultimate List to Get You Started

Therefore, be sure to show your beauty support so that the clean beauty realm may keep gaining momentum! Now with that being said let’s switch gears. Time for some skincare baby!

We currently utilize a lot of products from the following brands because they work SO WELL. One of FAVORITES is Tata Harper. Great products that we humbly work better than the non-clean beauty brands. Nevertheless, here is our skincare cheat sheet:

  • Tata Harper
    Josh Rosebrook
    Susanne Kaufman
    Juice Beauty
    Alpyn Beauty
    Peer Rivko
    27 Rosiers
    Mother Dirt
    Violets Are Blue
    Province Apothecary
    Indie Lee
    Aurelia Probiotic Skincare
    One Love Organics
    Marie Veronique
    Goldfaden M.D.
    January Labs
    Skin Owl
    Aqua Reveal

Clean Hair Care Brands -They ARE Out There

We can’t leave hair out. It’s THAT important. Once again there are way more clean hair companies out there, but below are some popular customer favorites.

  • Beautycounter
  • Aromatica
  • Avalon Organics
  • Kavella
  • Ursa Major
    La Tierra Sagrada

Clean Body Care Brands and YEP Even Deodorant

The skin is the largest organ on our bodies. Therefore, it is important to treat it well. Below are a few clean Body Care brands to help keep your skin squeaky clean and healthy.

  • Vertly
    The Sleep Detox
    B. Breathe Your Mask

Since we are on the topic of body care you may feel we are leaving something out. Want about deodorant? No worries, we got you covered! Here are some clean deodorant brands to try out.

  • The Takesumi Detox
    Type A
    Ursa Major

Whew! That’s a lot of brands! However, all these lists should make you feel way better about the amount of clean beauty brands that are actually out there. Furthermore, we hope that our lists will help you start finding cleaner brands to take care all of your beauty, skincare, hair and body care needs!

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