CLAWS TNT Premiere Party- First Episode Came Out Swinging!

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CLAWS TNT Premiere

RAWRRR! The Claws finally came out last night as the world got its first taste of TNT’s newest series. Stars Karrueche Tran and Niecy Nash celebrated by hosting a Claws TNT Premiere Party via Twitter. In line with the show’s theme the cast enjoyed spa treatments and rocked cute, personalized robes.

Niecy Nash gabbed about the evening stating, “About last night… My mains! Spa Twitter Party… with The Nail Artisans of Manatee County. So much fun at our Claws premiere night party. Thank you guys for hanging with us and supporting our show! WE love you guys.”

CLAWS TNT Premiere Party- First Episode Came Out Swinging

CLAWS TNT Premiere

Okay, so how was the show? Fan reaction is the best way to find out if something is really popping. Fortunately, social media makes it even easier to get “real” views as well as opinions. Here are a few thoughts we saw regarding the Claws TNT premiere!

“I loved it can’t wait to see more episodes.”

“Loved it!!!!!!”

“My DVR set for the whole season. Love y’all in this.”

“Great show love it already.”

“Soooooo good.”

“Niecy you were so good!!”

“Love the show! Exceeded my expectations.”

“This show goes harder than I thought.”

“Ok! Loved it!!!!! So excited for next week.”

“They did their thing! Can’t wait to see next episode.”

“Love Claws TNT.”


“I’m about to watch it… For the third time lol.”

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CLAWS TNT Premiere