Ciroc Blue Dot Ad Campaign Feat. Diddy, Cassie, Def Loaf and French Montana

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Ciroc Blue Dot

So much hotness it is scorching our phone screens! On social media Mister Sean John himself released visuals for the new Ciroc Blue Dot Ad Campaign; featuring Diddy, Cassie, Def Loaf and French Montana. The caption? It reads as, “All in the Family.” Welp, it looks like that is exactly what Diddy is doing!

The ad campaign pictures the star-studded squad in a tennis setting. Relaxing, chilling and of course toasting to the good life. Diddy is certainly a masterful genius  in the realm of marketing. Putting on artists while showcasing his very own product. Thus, only proving that the music industry and its influence is still a powerhouse when it comes to making sales.

Ciroc Blue Dot Ad Campaign Feat. Diddy, Cassie, Def Loaf and French Montana

Ciroc Blue Dot

If the campaign is drawing you in to make a purchase you may be wondering how much Blue Dot is going for these days. Online and in-store the prices vary. We personally noticed a range of $22 to a little of $50.

Now while the Peach flavor gets tons of love, no one is sleeping on the bottle with the blue dot either. In fact, Ciroc recently shared a few recipes sure to be a hit at your next soiree. Master them and you will be the Belle of the Ball. Here they are:

Ciroc Blue Dot Martini

1.5oz Ciroc Vodka0.

5oz elderflower liqueur

0.75oz white wine apertiff

Ciroc Lola

1oz Ciroc Vodka

1.75oz fresh lemon juice

.75oz simple syrup

splash of champagne

Ciroc Blue Dot

Ciroc Blue Dot Ad Campaign

You fancy huh? If you have been loving all the different Ciroc releases since 2007, then you may just be a lover of the “finer” things of life. As a result, do you know the background story of this beloved liqueur brand?

Allow us to share a few interesting details. Ciroc is actually French made. SHOCKER. Actually, not really, at the bottom of each and every bottle in fine print is a brief description of Ciroc’s French roots. However, who picks up a bottle to read right? The fun is popping that “bad boy” (all puns intended) open and enjoying the fruits of Diddy’s labor (yes, more puns LOL).

Ciroc Blue Dot

Nevertheless, Ciroc gets its amazing taste due to being manufactured by using grapes from the Charente-Maritime region of France. Furthermore, it is produced and then distributed by a British-based multinational alcoholic beverage maker known as, Diageo. So then, now you too are in the know. Thanks to Diddy, France and Diageo your night’s can be seriously lit.

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