Ciara Named Creative Director for Nike and Jordan Kids Fall Collection!

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Ciara Named Creative Director for Nike and Jordan Kids

A round of applause for this mother of two because she works HARD! When Ciara said she had learned her lessons and is in the process of leveling up; we felt that. PLUS, she really is doing the thing! Outside of busily starting company after company; Ciara is also sticking to her fashion roots with a brand new stylish undertaking. You go CiCi, and read on how Ciara Named Creative Director for Nike and Jordan Kids Fall Collection is the latest BO$$ lady power move!

In the words of our iconic granny, “Sisters are doing it for themselves!” Now if you didn’t sing that in true Aretha key, go hit that line one more time (LOL). For the rest of us let’s talk Ciaraaaaa!

Mrs. Wilson is not one to be slept on… EVER. This woman is now putting out her own music, hosting award shows, possesses an app and now creating for Nike/ Jordan Kids. Wow.

Ciara is very excited about entering the world of children’s fashion. Regarding becoming the Creative Director of Finish Line’s Nike/Jordan Kids Fall Collection Ciara says,

“It’s a dream come true to be able to express my creativity in fashion through legendary brands. I remember as a kid waiting in line at Finish Line to get the newest sneakers, so to have the opportunity to see my creative vision on those same shelves is a reminder no dream is too big. I can’t wait to infuse mine and my family’s style and energy into this process.”

Ciara Named Creative Director for Nike and Jordan Kids Fall Collection!

This news is on the heels of other high profile black women also making fashion moves. Just in case you are forgetting just how fire 2019 is heating up for black female moguls in fashion; here’s a quick recap.

1. FENTY -Since owning the beauty industry (Fenty Beauty) is simply not enough! This year Rihanna hit the luxury couture scene with her own high end fashion line. Immediately a hit.

2. BEYONCÉ X ADDIDAS- Don’t call it a comeback. While many fans have wondered about the future of Bey’s athletic wear brand, Ivy Park; there is really no need fret. Like at all!

The brand is in very good hands, as the queen is collaborating with Addidas. Both sides hope that the mix will bring a new fresh vibe to the Beyoncé backed label. With the deletion of all old photos on the official Ivy Park Instagram page; it is safe to say that this project is in the works and on the way.

3. CARDI B X FASHION NOVA -Since the first one was SO successful, Fashion Nova decided to do it again. This year Drop 2 of the Cardi B x Fashion Nova collab hit the market and it too sold out. Fast.

4. JORDYN WOODS X BOOHOO -She doesn’t need anyone’s situation because she is making her own money honey. Woods collection with girls all over due to be size inclusive; and simply just very cute.

5. CARDI B X REEBOK -Danggggg! Yes, Cardi is in this list twice. The hip hop star continues in her quest to make money moves ; and in this case it is a partnership with Reebok. Check out the designs she is repping, they’re fly.

6. ASHANTI X LITTLE PRETTY THING – She’s soooo happy! Baby! Instead of herself, Ashanti made it rain on us. With huge drop of new swimwear designs. That’s hot.

Interesting enough, we are sure we are not listing all of the big fashion moves of this year. Also, we are ONLY at the halfway mark of the year! So there is still 6 months left for even more black girl magic to come our way.

Ciara as the Creative Director!

Nevertheless, now let’s really dive into Ciara’s new kids collection. Serving as the Creative Director Ciara will have say in the looks dropping for the upcoming kids fashion shoe lineup.

Moreover, Ciara is keeping it all in the family when it comes to model selection. Her ADORABLE son (Future Zahair, 5) and daughter (Sienna Princess, 2) are serving as the collection’s front and center stars.

Already, the visuals are some of the cutest you will ever see. Want a sneak peek? Check out the short video below.

She’s Got the Skills Bro

We saw a tweet that mentions that Ciara is not qualified to be the Creative Director. Instead of tweeting back, here (in our humble opinion) is why she IS QUALIFIED.

Uhm… did y’all forget she’s a model? Not just in name either; the child is signed. Plus, not just signed by any agency. The top ones.

Beginning back in 2009, Ciara received a multi-million deal with Wilhelmina. That alone would be an accomplishment. But there would come to be more Goodies! (Sorry we could not resist lol somebody take the wheel). In 2016, Ciara then signs with modeling agency IMG.

Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? Doing something that big once is amazing, but twice though; better roll out an entire carpet of respect. Being with two top agencies like that just proves this: fashion loves and wants Ciara.

Moreover, being in and around the industry we are sure she has soaked in plenty of knowledge to make a collection fabulous and sellable.

Furthermore, her husband, Russell Wilson, is one the best QB’s in the NFL. Therefore, he would know a thing or two about comfortable shoes for active people. Which in turn would help greatly when coming up with designs for very little people who are arguably more active than anyone on this planet.

Once again, this demonstrates that Ciara possesses access to a wealth of helpful knowledge. Seriously, what better place to get shoe info from if not a successful athlete?

Moving on… CiCi loves the kids. Actually, it is the kids that love Ciara! What’s not to like? She’s pretty, she sings and can dance like no other; (for real, did you guys catch her getting down to the Baby Shark remix)? Just an overall fun lady.

Yet, she’s a real draw for kids even on their turf. Ciara has been tapped to be apart of the Kids Choice Awards multiple times proving that she has “kid like-ability.” With that under her belt, it can definitely help lead to sales.

Lastly, she’s a mom! How are you going to say that a mom doesn’t know what KIDS want?! Plus, she has not one, but two kids. Additionally, dare we also mention that one is a boy and the other is a girl?

Well, we are (lol); because having kids definitely gives Ciara a leg up; as well as insight into what kids want and like to wear. With all the above, we rest our case.

So yes, this project is a big deal for Ciara and for women all over. It helps to the open the door a little wider for others to also make waves in the industry. Therefore, congratulations to Ciara on this venture and to all the hardworking women out there helping to change the game.