Hot Workout Music: Ciara Level Up -The Gym Isn't Ready!

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Ciara Level Up

Ciara Level Up is THE ultimate fitness single to get you moving and shaking your way to a toner, healthier you! If you are sick of listening to your played out playlist and could really use a new song to up your motivation. Then it is time to add this new summer 2018 anthem.

For awhile now Ciara fans have been wishing upon stars for Mrs. Wilson to come back to the music game with new fire. The dancing and R&B queen did not disappoint. Strong moves, energetic beat and of course that Ciara flair that we all have grown up loving since “Goodies.”

Ciara Level Up

Furthermore, it looks like Ci’s Level Up is complete because her song is trending like crazy across platforms. Less than a day since it’s release Ciara’s video for Level Up hit number one trending on YouTube and number one on iTumes. ISSA HIT!

Hot Workout Music: Ciara Level Up -The Gym Isn’t Ready

Obviously, Ciara is just as excitedly as the rest of us. The singer took to social media to thank fans and supporters. Ciara says, “The squad is Litttt! #1 video on iTunes! Yay!!!”

Okay, well enough talk. It is time for you guys to check out all this dripping beat richness for yourselves. Or if you have already seen then enjoy it again! Scroll down to watch.

Hot Workout Music: Ciara Level Up -The Gym Isn’t Ready – Fan Reaction

In just 24 hours up on YouTube, Ciara’s latest smash had almost 15k comments! What is the general consensus of Level Up? Check out a few reactions to the song and video below.

“I love this so much. I get such a good vibe from it. The dance moves are sick and it makes me wanna dance and join a group like when I was in middle school.”

“Video is point.”

“What a workout video.”

“I wanna see this song on Billboard top 10!!!”

“Only ever listening to this song on the treadmill.”

“Bishhh we got new music to act up to.”

“Cici came to slay.”

“Perfect workout song.”

Ciara Level Up

“What a come back.”

“I got to level 8000 on grand theft auto listening to this.”

“This song makes me want to vogue down as I’m walking in the gym. Work.

“Yeah cici!!!”

“Sis, I have been waiting for your return. I’m so happy right now level up.”

“Had this song on repeat since it’s come out.”

“You know this gonna be like everywhere, fire.”

“Everyone who dislike this song going to be the same ones trying to do the dance and playing it while they at the gym.”

Looks like Ciara definitely back! Do you stream? Get Level Up via download or stream by going here.

Ciara Level Up

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