Ciara Gives Complimentary Makeovers at Seattle Childrens Hospital

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Ciara’s hubby, Russell Wilson is truly a man of his word. He made a promise and continues to keep it by visiting the wonderful young ones at Seattle Childrens Hospital every week. Moreover, his good work has obviously had quite the effect on his gorgeous wife. As a result she is now paying it forward as well. Consequently, we are definitely loving this story, lets gab about Ciara Gives Complimentary Makeovers at Seattle Childrens Hospital.

Ciara Gives Complimentary Makeovers at Seattle Childrens Hospital

Ciara is a brand ambassador for makeup giant, Revlon. Mrs. Wilson together with Revlon pulled off one of the best surprises ever. Makeover Monday! Every little beauty at the hospital received the glam treatment. Speaking of Makeup Monday Seattle Childrens Hospital says:

“Fiona and other patients were pampered thanks to Ciara, who along with her glam squad, surprised them with complimentary makeovers. ‘Every time I visit Seattle Childrens, I see how strong these children are who are going through difficult battles,’ said Ciara. ‘I wanted to help make them feel as strong and beautiful as they are to me. [Also] let them know I’m thinking about them.'”

Fiona is one of the patients who is very grateful to Ciara and her glam squad’s generosity. For two months the 18 year old has been battling Crohn’s disease. Moreover, she hopes to return home in about a week. Therefore, she feels that the makeover she received was very timely. She states,

“The event was amazing. Ciara and her glam squad are incredible! They were so nice and made me feel so special. Being in the hospital can get you down. Today wasn’t like other days in the hospital. I didn’t have to think about medications or scans. It really took my mind off being in the hospital and gave me a break. I just want to thank Ciara for thinking of us. It means a lot to the kids in the hospital who are sick.”

Ciara and Fiona

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