Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection -Shoesday Tuesday +Accessories!

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Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection


EXCLUSIVE and INCLUSIVE! For this Shoesday Tuesday we are diving feet first into the NEW Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection! The luxurious lineup includes an array of items ranging from fabulous shoe-wear to deliciously chic handbags! There’s literally something for everyone as many of the items are being toted as being “unisex.” Meaning that they will look good on her as it does on him.


Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection


One product in the collection fitting this category is the Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Sneaker. The brand describes the shoe as, “One of the Maison’s star sneaker styles. The unisex Louis Junior features a satin upper available in eight iconic shades of Nude. Mounted on a tone-on-tone rubber sole. It’s paired black lines give it a timeless, minimalist appeal.”



Therefore, if you are a very less is more style person; this shoe will work harmoniously in your current wardrobe. Plus, the cool thing is that the shoe is nude. Matching it to your skin will help to keep your shoes from “overwhelming” your ensemble. They will work as nice compliment and couture statement to the rest of your outfit.



Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection -Shoesday Tuesday +Accessories

Nevertheless, the Louboutin Nudes Collection has some other cute shoes that one should note. One style is a little more on the elegant side; while the other leans on being a very relaxed look. In regards to both designs the luxury label states,

“A must have summer essential, the unisex Pool Stud slide features a large leather strap; studded with signature metallic spikes. Available in eight iconic shades of Nude; its chunky tone on ton sole is embellished with technical molded patterns for a resolutely modern look.”



“Available in eight iconic shades of Nude, the Checky Point Bootie plays with transparency thanks to its fine mesh upper. Set on a 55mm heel; it features a sleek patent leather toe cap and a handcrafted tone on tone bow for a distinctly feminine charm.”



Now you’re probably saying, “Didn’t 1966 say something about a handbag?” Yes, we did and now we are going to share a bit about that bag too. It’s simplestic design that will stun effortlessly with a plethora of your fits. Regarding the bag, Louboutin says,

“One of the Maison’s iconic silhouettes, the Elisa bag embodies Christian Louboutin’s long-held fascination for Egypt. Crafted from calfskin leather, it features a silver CL clasp and a sliding chain strap with a tone on tone leather shoulder piece. Worn cross body, on the shoulder or simply carried; the Elisa bag adapts itself to the modern woman’s multifaceted lifestyle with ease and comes in eight iconic shades of nude.”



Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection

FABULOUS! So now that you know all about this gorgeous collection; it is time to talk price! Below you will find a nice nifty cheat sheet price list of everything in this feature. Happy shopping!

Louis Junior Orlato Flat $795

Pool Stud Flat $495

Checkypoint Booty $945

Elisa Small $2,050



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