Chokers Must-Have! Melanin Choker By Melanin Be Poppin

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Right now being a melanated queen is lit. We have freely adopted and coined such terms as “black girl magic,” “black girls rock” and “black girls killing it.” Moreover, its not about being arrogant either. Its about finally having pride and feeling confident in our own skin. As women of color for years we have been told we are the most undesired women on this planet. Told that our tones are not beautiful or too difficult to match in the form of cosmetics. However, the beautiful part is now we don’t care (LOL)! Regardless, of how some may feel about us, WE FEEL much differently. We have progressed, we have moved on and we aren’t going back or looking back. Now this gorgeous movement is showing up in our fashions right down to accessories such as chokers.

Chokers Must-Have! Melanin Choker By Melanin Be Popping

We have spied several chokers and have even been DMed a few to take a look at, but this one is too cute to pass up! Show how happy you are of your melanin tones with the Melanin Choker by Melanin Be Poppin. We love the simple design as well as the company name.

Melanin Be Poppin began as an Instagram page dedicated to building appreciation and the confidence of black girls. This lead to the owner designing jewelry especially for the cause. Over time the chokers’ look and feel have evolved. We adore the black strap version because of its classic vibe that will pair easily with various ensembles. However, feel free to spice things up and suit your personal style with this additional tints:

  • Champagne Pink
  • Caramel Queen
  • Rustic Pop
  • Melanin Blush

Want the Melanin Choker by Melanin Be Poppin? You can place an order by going here. Moreover, be sure to follow them and us (wink, wink) on Instagram to find out about sales. On weekends many times Melanin Be Poppin will sale chokers for only $9.99! Sweet deal for an awesome trendy accessory.

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