Chloe x Halle for WWD -Fashionistas Using Their Voices to Empower Others

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Chloe x Halle for WWD magazine! In an exclusive the pair sat down to talk all about their new music; and helping others during this difficult times. These ladies are all grown up and their style and lyrical content show it. Scroll on to see their gorgeous couture from this editorial story; AND learn how they are making the world a better palace… the Halle and Chloe way.

Chloe x Halle for WWD -Fashionistas Using Their Voices to Empower Others

Beautiful, talented, hardworking and angelic voices. Chloe and her sister Halle have it all; but they are not letting that stop them from being a source of comfort to others.

WWD recently announced their interview with the Beyonce proteges and gave this snippet as a sneak peek! Enjoy:

“Chloe and Halle Bailey are more sure of themselves; and more empowered in using their voice; a particularly relevant time than ever.

The duo are particularly skilled at being able to translate that into music. As seen through “Ungodly Hour,” their sophomore album; which was released last week to much fanfare and positive reviews.

“Ungodly Hour” was set to be released on June 5; but the sisters said in a video posted to Instagram earlier that week they decided to push the date back to June 12. In light of the protests against police brutality that began to capture national attention around that time.

‘It’s been very important for us to share our voices, to bring some healing. As well as to sometimes wake people up to things that need to be heard. That’s all we can do with what we’re given,’ says Chloe and Halle.”

To read the whole interview be sure to check it out online on the WWD website. Nevertheless, below you will find our fashion recap on their stunning couture style!


Chloe x Halle for WWD


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