Chic and Sleek

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Chic and Sleek

Hair trend alert, to be as hot as the temperature around you this summer you need to keep it chic and sleek! Bone straight locks are all the rage this season and to get this look it boils down to what tools you have in your hair arsenal. You can win the hair war in a cinch by investing in a great flat iron. Alright girls here is how we shall conquer!

Meet the Corioliss C3…what makes this flat iron one of the best?

This iron has plates made entirely from titanium. Titanium plates boast all of the same straightening properties as ceramic ones, but with a higher output of negative ions. If you have thick hair you will swear that this product was made just for you.

Nevertheless, the iron uses infrared heat to straighten hair. This differs from traditional heat because it generates longer wavelengths that more deeply penetrate the cuticle of individual hair strands. The result is straighter and smoother hair in mere seconds!

corioliss-c3-flatiron If you have unruly or coarse hair and other flat irons have failed you in the past then end all the drama with the Corioliss C3. The C3 retails for a whopping $200, however, the results are salon worthy which evens out the playing field just a bit. Get those tresses whipped into shape this summer with the help of a great product.