CharleyMadelyn -Meet the Wholesome Stylish Label That Has You Covered!

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Summer is upon us! So that means some new pieces for your closet. Therefore, here comes CharleyMadelyn to save the fashion day!

The CharleyMadelyn’s mission is to empower women dress to impress; and feel their best  through fashion. At CharleyMadelyn you can find a TON of affordable items. Get your fill of women’s clothing, as well as inspirational items such as journals; coffee mugs, and books.

Moreover, CharleyMadelyn’s pieces are perfect for summer outings. Look great at that summer bbq, brunch on a Saturday or Sunday. Or also when grandma is checking out what you’re wearing for your “Sunday Best.” She will literally mouth to you:



Furthermore, Chelsea contemplated delaying her message because of the devastating and heartbreaking recent deaths of African Americans, however she knew that more now than ever, empowerment and encouragement were needed. CharleyMadelyn was founded because of this very reason.



About Chelsea, the founder of CharleyMadelyn:



The mastermind behind CharleyMadelyn is actually named Chelsea Jennette! Jennette already has an immense love of couture being a local hardworking Fashion Blogger. Nevertheless, blogging about voguish fashion is one thing. However, actually helping consumers feel beautiful in their own skin through shopping can be even more fulfilling!

Chelsea is excited to see where this now realized dream takes her. And she is already gaining attention and traction in the industry. Now, you may wonder how Chelsea came up with the name for her brand. And it is a cute story!




To be short, it is named after an adorable little person… well, actually two. Chelsea reveals that her own online boutique named CharleyMadelyn a label that is named after her twin one-year old daughters. Alright… altogether now, “Awwwww!!”



Yes, Charley and Madelyn are Chelsea; the founder’s twin daughters and they are her constant reminder of hope after she and her husband went through a two year infertility journey.

Proving that through adversity anything is possible. You CAN start that business. You CAN have the family and lifestyle you are dreamily thinking of. Just be like Chelsea and keep going!

Want to make contact? You can! Chelsea and her brand is online based and on social media. You can visit CharleyMadelyn at and visit CharleyMadelyn on Instagram at @charleymadelyn_