Chanel Plastic bag from 2009

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I’ll be honest… I have such a hard time keeping my purse organized. Like so many other women I load up my handbag until it weighs like 5lbs or more. I just don’t know how guys get by during the day with just a wallet, it amazes me.

So then, that’s when I came up with the idea that I need to downsize to a smaller purse and whatever doesn’t fit or is not a necessity will get put away.

Then I came across the Chanel Plastic bag from 2009 and thought this bag would be even better. First it’s Chanel so you can’t go wrong there, plus it’s clear. Therefore, you are forced to be organized and not have extra stuff crumpled up in your bag.

What’s so over the top with this bag is that it has compartments for your classic quilted bag, your Chanel No.5 perfume (my mothers signature perfume), your sunglasses, lipstick, foundation compact, iPod and even your iPod earphones. Ah heck yeah!

What do you guys think would you be willing to carry a clear Plastic Chanel bag?