Cardi B Press Single -Her "Naked" Truth Revealed

Cardi B Press
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Cardi B Press

The Cardi B Press Single as well as accompanying artwork just dropped, and already they have the people talking! Leave to Cardi B, a woman in the industry who is seemingly becoming the new “Madonna” in terms of visual shock value; to still develop new avenues to promote her musical aesthetic.

Press is the perfect demonstration of what many celebrities have expressed feeling about the media. The famous can feel picked on, abused, misunderstood even to the point of tears. For instance, in one shot of her Press artwork Cardi B is shown looking absolutely glamorous; but with mascara running down her face. A depiction no doubt of the stress from being constantly in the public eye. During the high moments as well as the low.

Additionally, the star is pictured “exposed.” The spotlight is a place where every star’s every moment is on display. There’s no hiding.

However, Cardi B makes it all look rather easy. Already in her career she has experienced quite the whirlwind of Press taglines. From being the top artist on the charts, new fashion business ventures; infidelity claims and that iconic highly publicized fight during fashion week. Which is also now forever immortalized thanks to a cover for Harper’s Bazaar; (Cardi is literally photographed like Cinderella at the Ball leaving her shoe behind. Perfection LOL).

Yet, it is Cardi’s resilence that can not be ignored. She walks out of brawls with her head held high. She goes to court looking like an Old Hollywood movie star.

Moreover, she is one that rolls with any punch given to her. That is her allure, her essence and her fans love it. In her Press visuals she even shows off her “head up at all times” attitude. Classic Cardi, in every way.

Cardi B Press Single -Her “Naked” Truth Revealed

Cardi B Press

So how are people reacting to the Press single? There will always be naysayers; however, the Cardi B reign continues. Like the Midas Touch, everything she touches in music right now seems to turn into chart gold.

In just nine hours of release on YouTube, the single garnered one million views! Now while that is not sales; high views usually translate into money later. They are a great indicator of interest. Therefore, it looks like Cardi B has another hit on her hands.

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